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Coin Bazaar

This COIN-OR project facilitates community involvement in the COIN-OR repositories. This project allows OR researchers to contribute code examples, application examples and code extensions and plugins without directly contributing to a regular COIN-OR project. Thus, this project helps bridge the gap between core package development and package extensions. This is particularly needed for packages for which subversion access is limited. However, this project should generally facilitate interaction amongst developers and COIN-OR users by allowing them to share small code examples and applications that illustrate the use of COIN-OR tools.

Project Management

Coin Bazaar projects are managed within separate directories in the Coin Bazaar subversion repository. Subversion access control is used to manage edits for each project. Although these projects are intended for public distribution, the access control mechanism also supports non-public development (e.g. while preparing a publication). Further, this access control mechanism allows for clear attribution of intellectual property. Note that each project is licensed separately. Further, a CSRO is required for contributions.

Getting Started

Coin Bazaar Projects