Description: Convert Fortran 77 to C++ multiple AD Types.

Purpose 1: Provide a growing subset of cmlib as a library that can be used with adolc, cppad, or fadbad

Purpose 2: Provide the infrastructure to convert any Fortran 77 code to any C++ AD type.

License: GPL2

Authors: Bradley M. Bell

Categories: AD

Software Languages: C/C++, Fortran

Documentation: xml (mathematics in MathML) html (mathematics in Latex)

Subversion: Browse Source or, if you have subversion you can use the following command to get the most recent version of f2cad

svn checkout f2cad_trunk

Tarball Releases: You can download a tarball release of the form f2cAD-0.yyyymmdd.r, where yyyy is the year, mm is the month, dd is the day, and r is the release number.

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