How to Propose a Coin Bazaar Project

Proposal Process

  • Send an email to with the following information:
    • Project wiki name (no spaces)
    • Project page title (default: same as wiki name)
    • Project description
    • Categories for this project
    • Software language(s)
    • Lead project developer
    • License
    • Justification:
      • Why is this project of interest to the operations research community?
      • Why does this project belong in COIN-OR?
      • Why does this project belong in Coin Bazaar? Could it be a stand-alone COIN-OR project?
    • Does this project require read-only access? (default: no)

  • Register a user name for each project developer

Proposal Review

Coin Bazaar submissions will be evaluated to assess whether they are consistent the goal of COIN-OR: to build an open-source community for operations research software in order to speed development and deployment of models, algorithms, and cutting-edge computational research. However, Coin Bazaar submissions are not expected to have the same level of maturity as regular COIN-OR projects; the goal of Coin Bazaar is to provide a mechanism for easily sharing code and examples that add value to the COIN-OR community. Thus, we expect that some Coin Bazaar projects will eventually become separate COIN-OR projects when they become sufficiently mature.

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