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[ckbs/trunk] Add helper shell scripts. plan to replace with Coin automatic tarball generation. aids with svn commit commands. removes certain files from svn status results. runs the tests and returns error flag. downloads OMhelp and builds the documentation.

COPYING: remove unecessary file.

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[61]1#! /bin/sh
2# -------------------------------------------------------------------
3# ckbs: Constrained Kalman-Bucy Smoother Program: Copyright (C) 2006
4# Authors: Bradlely Bell:        bradbell at washington dot edu
5#          Gianluigi Pillonetto: giapi at dei dot unipd dot it
6# License: GNU General Public License Version 2
7# -------------------------------------------------------------------
9cd test
10cat << EOF > test.$$
11if all_ok
12        exit(0)
14        exit(1)
17if ! octave --silent test.$$
19        rm test.$$
20        echo " test/all_ok failed"
21        exit 1
23rm test.$$
24exit 0
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