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Success Stories and Active Work of Clp Users

Using Clp? Tell us about it. This section is intended for people to describe their successes using Clp. Althought Clp has been around awhile and is widely use, this page just started on October 30, 2007. Please feel free to contribute successes, past or present, and for any version of Clp.

If you are using Clp, please add some comments about your application to the Wiki page. We are all eager to hear about Clp, its Applications, and its Users. Please have a look here to see how to edit this Wiki page. If you have a publication about work that uses Clp, please add a reference here.

Clp is used in Mathematica

I use COIN-OR in the research of "Stochastic Multi-stage Resource Allocation Model with Reservation" from the very beginning. I use C++ to call clp/smi libraries to run simulation and solve large scale linear programming. I love it. Please feel free to list it as the research project. -- Lijian Chen, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Louisville.