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     9== CLP is used to detect behavioral advertising at INRIA Privatics, France ==
     11My Real Online Choices [] is a research project that aims to bring transparency and privacy protection to online advertising. The project has developed two Web-browser plug-ins that allow users to make informed and equitable decisions regarding ad blocking and tracking. '''Myadchoices''', still a research prototype, is available for Google Chrome. Mytrackingchoices has also been developed for Firefox.
     13Myadchoices is a Web technology aimed to detect behavioral advertising, that is to say, those ads which are delivered to users on the basis of their browsing histories. To this end, the plug-in models this detection problem as an optimization problem that reflects the uncertainty in determining the information available at ad platforms and tracking companies. Also, the plug-in estimates the uniqueness of a user from the data captured by these companies. To conduct these two tasks, we have integrated the solvers Coin-OR Linear Programming (v.1.16.6) and Coin-OR Interior Point OPTimizer (v.3.12.3) into Myadchoices. Both solvers ranked first in our benchmark analysis [1]
     15The integration of these two solvers into Myadchoices has been a complete success. To the best of our knowledge, in terms of transparency, Myadchoices is the first technology to provide end-users with detailed information about behavioral advertising in real-time.
     17[1] J. Parra-Arnau, J. P. Achara, C. Castelluccia, '''Myadchoices: Bringing Transparency and Control to Online Advertising''', ACM Transactions on the Web, vol. 11, no. 1, March 2017, DOI:
    919== Clp is used at Yahoo Research ==