Success Stories and Active Work of Clp Users

Using Clp? Tell us about it. This section is intended for people to describe their successes using Clp. Althought Clp has been around awhile and is widely use, this page just started on October 30, 2007. Please feel free to contribute successes, past or present, and for any version of Clp.

If you are using Clp, please add some comments about your application to the Wiki page. We are all eager to hear about Clp, its Applications, and its Users. Please have a look here to see how to edit this Wiki page. If you have a publication about work that uses Clp, please add a reference here.

CLP is used to detect behavioral advertising at INRIA Grenoble, France

My Real Online Choices is a research project that aims to bring transparency and privacy protection to online advertising. The project has developed two Web-browser plug-ins that allow users to make informed and equitable decisions regarding ad blocking and tracking. Myadchoices, still a research prototype, is available for Google Chrome. Mytrackingchoices has also been developed for Firefox.

Myadchoices is a Web technology aimed to detect behavioral advertising, that is to say, those ads which are delivered to users on the basis of their browsing histories. To this end, the plug-in models this detection problem as an optimization problem that reflects the uncertainty in determining the information available at ad platforms and tracking companies. Also, the plug-in estimates the uniqueness of a user from the data captured by these companies. To conduct these two tasks, we have integrated the solvers Coin-OR Linear Programming (v.1.16.6) and Coin-OR Interior Point OPTimizer (v.3.12.3) into Myadchoices. Both solvers ranked first in our benchmark analysis [1]

The integration of these two solvers into Myadchoices has been a complete success. To the best of our knowledge, in terms of transparency, Myadchoices is the first technology to provide end-users with detailed information about behavioral advertising in real-time.

[1] J. Parra-Arnau, J. P. Achara, C. Castelluccia, Myadchoices: Bringing Transparency and Control to Online Advertising, ACM Transactions on the Web, vol. 11, no. 1, March 2017, DOI:

Clp is used at Yahoo Research

Yahoo! Inc. ( is one of the world's largest global online networks of integrated services and advertising on the Web is big business. Zoe Abrams, Ofer Mendelevitch, and John Tomlin (Yahoo Research) used the COIN-OR Linear Program Solver in the column-generation scheme described in "Optimal delivery of sponsored search advertisements subject to budget constraints" which appeared in the Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC'07).

Clp is used at University of Louisville

I use COIN-OR in the research of "Stochastic Multi-stage Resource Allocation Model with Reservation" from the very beginning. I use C++ to call clp/smi libraries to run simulation and solve large scale linear programming. I love it.

In the research of "An Alternative Discrete Choices Model by Customer Preferences", I was using matlab, C++ and Xpress to solve our problem. I have a lot of problems with such combination. The most frustrating one is the speed of execution. in 2006, I re-write the code in C++ with COIN-OR libraries. Part of the code, simulation, is by COIN-OR.

-- Lijian Chen, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Louisville.

Clp is used for Computer Vision

Clp has been used for the following publications:

Leo Grady, Minimal Surfaces Extend Shortest Path Segmentation Methods to 3D, IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol. 32, No. 2, pp. 321-334, Feb. 2010.

Thomas Schoenemann, Fredrik Kahl and Daniel Cremers: Curvature Regularity for Region-based Image Segmentation and Inpainting: A Linear Programming Relaxation, International Conference on Computer Vision 2009, Kyoto, Japan.

Fredrik Kahl and Petter Strandmark: Generalized Roof Duality for Pseudo-Boolean Optimization, International Conference on Computer Vision 2011, Barcelona, Spain.

Fredrik Kahl and Petter Strandmark: Generalized Roof Duality, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2012.

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