Mar 24, 2011:

10:05 AM Changeset [1710] by forrest
fix for initialSolve being called from odd place and fixes for …

Mar 22, 2011:

5:40 AM Changeset [1709] by stefan
add includes to cope with changes in Osi/trunk unittest

Mar 16, 2011:

6:04 PM Changeset [1708] by lou
Repair v9 builds by excising ClpCholeskyMumps?, ClpCholeskyUfl?, …
12:25 PM Changeset [1707] by forrest
fix stupid typo from years ago
10:29 AM Changeset [1706] by forrest
fix for number iterations in ClpSolve? and check if gone feasible for …

Mar 15, 2011:

7:52 PM Changeset [1705] by lou
Trunk dependencies, please. Makes these mass updates less painful.
7:50 PM Changeset [1704] by lou
Classic solution for VS2010.
12:57 PM Changeset [1703] by forrest
add debug info and take out possible memory leak

Mar 12, 2011:

2:53 PM Changeset [1702] by lou
Start of VS2010 solutions.

Mar 9, 2011:

5:56 AM Changeset [1701] by stefan
install ClpCholeskyXyz?.hpp for advanced users

Mar 8, 2011:

1:53 PM Changeset [1700] by lou
Solaris cpp doesn't like not'; replace with !'.
5:49 AM Changeset [1699] by forrest
allow to distinguish between infeasible and unbounded in presolve

Mar 6, 2011:

2:49 PM Changeset [1698] by stefan
make sure COIN_HAS_BLAS conditional is always defined; rerun autotools
2:42 PM Changeset [1697] by forrest
sorry - did not mean to overwrite - bacl to Stefan's configure
2:32 PM Changeset [1696] by forrest
for integer problems with large values

Mar 5, 2011:

5:58 PM Changeset [1695] by stefan
fixes for WSMP
2:56 PM Changeset [1694] by stefan
1:55 PM Changeset [1693] by stefan
make WSMP recoginition and use similar to Ipopt's WSMP interface
1:05 PM Changeset [1692] by stefan
recognize ThirdParty/Mumps?; build ClpCholeskyMumps? only if Mumps …
12:06 PM Changeset [1691] by stefan
check for AMD and CHOLMOD and GLPK's AMD in configure; compile …
6:34 AM Changeset [1690] by stefan
-Wno-long-long is now always set (for gnu compiler); rerun autotools

Mar 4, 2011:

12:14 PM WikiStart edited by lou
CPL -> EPL (diff)
11:47 AM Ticket #44 (change max characters in Clp_problem name) closed by lou
fixed: Fixed in trunk r1689.
11:47 AM Changeset [1689] by lou
Account for null at end of string. Fixes ticket #44.
11:38 AM Ticket #42 (Clp newbie needs help) closed by lou
invalid: Closed. Use the clp mailing list, clp@….
11:36 AM Ticket #44 (change max characters in Clp_problem name) created by kmartin
/* ORIGINAL VERSION From Clp_C_Interface.cpp */ /* Fills in …
11:35 AM Ticket #43 (Add configure option to CBC and CLP to enable building of CLP with UFL AMD) created by kishshen
To build CLP with UFL AMD support, I have to modify the source …
11:35 AM Ticket #42 (Clp newbie needs help) created by GCRhoads
Hi, I'm new to Clp and am having trouble figuring out how to use it …

Mar 1, 2011:

9:58 AM Changeset [1688] by stefan
add -Wno-long-long in case someone compiles with AMD UFL; rerun autotools

Feb 27, 2011:

1:04 PM Changeset [1687] by stefan
remove unnessary last argument of AC_COIN_MAIN_PACKAGEDIR; rerun autotools
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