Jul 7, 2009:

11:03 PM Changeset [1386] by andreasw
final instdir commits for tonight
10:37 PM Changeset [1385] by andreasw
install ClpSimplexDual?.hpp header
6:07 PM Changeset [1384] by andreasw
more incldir changes
5:41 PM Changeset [1383] by forrest
try and get rid of some warnings
4:48 PM Ticket #32 (Suppress one line of output if possible) closed by forrest
fixed: Had been fixed in trunk - now in stable
4:42 PM Ticket #28 (warnings - lnx) closed by forrest
4:42 PM Changeset [1382] by forrest
compiler warnings 28
4:33 PM Ticket #30 (Unused variable warning in ClpMatrixBase.hpp) closed by forrest
invalid: This does not seem valid. The warnings are on parameters which have …
4:30 PM Ticket #27 (Bug in ClpPackedMatrix::transposeTimes) closed by forrest
worksforme: I need an example showing problem. Your fix to code is not correct. …
4:23 PM Changeset [1381] by andreasw
more --with-proj-instdir changes
3:52 PM Ticket #25 (MPS/QPS reader cannot read its own output file) closed by forrest
wontfix: I would need input file as this is a problem with writeMps. Missing …
3:13 PM Ticket #22 (invalid read from valgrind) closed by forrest
worksforme: Doesn't give illegal read on current version
3:10 PM Ticket #18 (Memory crash in CLP, file ClpPrimalColumnSteepest.cpp; pivotsequence) closed by forrest
fixed: It should be pivotSequence_ but the bug has been fixed anyway
3:06 PM Ticket #13 ("make" gives "Error Code 1") closed by forrest
invalid: nothing to do with clp!
3:05 PM Ticket #14 ("make test" bug under cygwin) closed by forrest
fixed: does look like that make bug
3:03 PM Ticket #1 (Clp refuses to configure on 64 Linux machine) closed by forrest
fixed: apparently fixed
12:47 PM Changeset [1380] by andreasw
added --with-proj* configure options
9:48 AM Changeset [1379] by forrest
add space

Jul 6, 2009:

7:57 PM Changeset [1378] by coin
making the BSPsplit branch

Jul 3, 2009:

6:52 AM Changeset [1377] by forrest
changes led to asserts

Jul 2, 2009:

12:26 PM Changeset [1376] by forrest
chnages for speed and alternate factorization

Jul 1, 2009:

9:27 AM Changeset [1375] by tkr
Temporarily copying stable/1.10 to BSP for bug squashing party
9:21 AM Changeset [1374] by tkr
Removing BSP copied from wrong stable version
12:09 AM Changeset [1373] by tkr
Temporarily copying stable/1.9 to BSP for bug squashing party

Jun 30, 2009:

11:36 PM Changeset [1372] by coin
removing old BSP directory

Jun 12, 2009:

12:29 PM Changeset [1371] by forrest
changes to try and make faster
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