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Index range error (underrun) in ClpPrimalColumnSteepest::partialPricing (tested with Clp-1.16.11)

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In ClpPrimalColumnSteepest::partialPricing we find following declarations:

double * duals = model_->dualRowSolution(); array size of ClpModel::dual_ is ClpModel::numberRows_ double * duals2 = duals - numberColumns.

If ClpModel::dual_ is accessed using duals2[iSequence] resp. duals[bestSequence-numberColumns] an index underrun error occurs when the indices iSequence resp. bestSequence have a value < numberColumns. This can be verified using the macro _ASSERT_DUAL_ROW_SOL_PTR_(x) in the modified source code attached.

Use Visual Studio, debug configuration: The underrun checks have been implemented in ClpPrimalColumnSteepest?.cpp, look for "DUAL_ROW_SOLUTION_UNDERRUN_CHECK".

Test condition: Force switchType = 5 manually in ClpPrimalColumnSteepest::pivotColumn (done in modified source, which is attached).

Try e.g. P0033, or netlib example PEROLD.

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Attaching the modified source file resulted in "TRAC IndexError?: pop from empty list". I try to send the modification by e-mail.

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