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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1 Clp refuses to configure on 64 Linux machine somebody defect major component1
#5 Returning infeasible takes a long time. forrest defect major component1
#14 "make test" bug under cygwin somebody defect major CLP Interface component1
#18 Memory crash in CLP, file ClpPrimalColumnSteepest.cpp; pivotsequence somebody defect major component1
#72 Semicolon at the end of an if-statement looks like a bug. somebody defect major component1
#6 MSVSv8 compiler warnings somebody defect minor component1
#7 unit tests do not work in windows somebody defect minor component1
#8 g++ compiler warnings somebody defect minor milestone1 component1
#28 warnings - lnx somebody defect minor component1
#32 Suppress one line of output if possible somebody enhancement minor component1
#44 change max characters in Clp_problem name somebody defect minor component1
#26 Test bug tracking system somebody defect trivial component1
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