Milestone Startup & Shutdown

No date set

Improving performance as the code "starts up & shuts up" is a relatively self-contained piece of work that needs to be done. There are several different components to it.

  1. arrays <more details here!>
  2. scaling <more details here!>
  3. factorization, including speeding up the factorization for problems with less than 10K rows <more details here!>
  4. put back parallel capability (of factorization?) and do it well ("multi-core machines are on the way" - LL)<more details here!>

On thought is that JJHF could/would/should lead a discussion, share his thoughts, get feedback, and be the lead on the effort, but be assisted by others who had interest in getting more familiar with the source code. One of the design issues to be addressed is what information needs to be interfaced through OSI.

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