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(edit) @2123   7 years tkr Re-running autotools
(edit) @2121   7 years tkr Adding libClpSolver to clp-uninstalled.pc and clp_addlibs.txt
(edit) @2117   7 years forrest fix uninitialized
(edit) @2115   7 years forrest make more threadsafe
(edit) @2103   7 years forrest try and fix problem going a bit wrong - better to go to primal
(edit) @2101   7 years tkr Re-running the autotools to fix bug regarding dependency linking
(edit) @2100   7 years tkr Patching to work with DESTDIR
(edit) @2099   7 years tkr Pathing to work with DESTDIR
(edit) @2092   7 years tkr restoring Clp/trunk
(edit) @2090   7 years tkr temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @2089   7 years tkr Re-running autotools
(edit) @2088   7 years tkr Missing flcose call caused unit test to fail
(edit) @2087   7 years tkr Updating externals
(edit) @2086   7 years forrest cleaner way for thread barrier
(edit) @2085   7 years forrest allow for Mac pthreads
(edit) @2084   7 years forrest out try to serialize blas
(edit) @2083   7 years forrest force serial blas and correct dualobjlimit
(edit) @2082   7 years forrest out extraneous printfs
(edit) @2081   7 years forrest add anyInteger_ setting
(edit) @2080   7 years forrest try and take out null message and extra solve
(edit) @2079   7 years forrest parameters for Cbc
(edit) @2078   7 years forrest make faster on difficult problems
(edit) @2077   7 years forrest stop assert and fine tune some robustness coding
(edit) @2075   7 years forrest allow primal a bit more slack to reduce objective
(edit) @2074   7 years forrest changes to try and make more stable
(edit) @2072   7 years forrest fix assert error in odd case
(edit) @2071   7 years forrest for build pthreads for use in Cbc analyze
(edit) @2070   7 years forrest for some cbc ideas
(edit) @2069   7 years forrest changes to diving heuristics
(edit) @2068   7 years forrest fix highly unlikely bug
(edit) @2064   7 years forrest modify help for diveoption
(edit) @2063   7 years forrest fix typo and add some stability fixes
(edit) @2061   7 years forrest allow for SOS in lp files
(edit) @2048   7 years forrest changes for max iterations
(edit) @2046   7 years tkr Merging r2045 from stable/1.15. Whoops, meant to commit it to trunk
(edit) @2044   7 years stefan use Sleep on windows and usleep on non-windows
(edit) @2043   7 years forrest take out unused feature
(edit) @2042   7 years forrest fix pragmas
(edit) @2041   7 years forrest add force for orbits
(edit) @2040   7 years forrest add Orbital branching
(edit) @2036   7 years stefan rerun with our version of autotools; reverts damage from r2030
(edit) @2034   7 years stefan revert r2033: doesn't seem right, as ClpTraceDebug? should be empty if …
(edit) @2033   7 years tkr Fixing small bug
(edit) @2032   8 years forrest fix mistake when nearly optimal
(edit) @2031   8 years forrest add ClpSolver?.cpp - hopefully syntax is correct
(edit) @2030   8 years forrest fix some ampl stuff, add ClpSolver? and a few fixes
(edit) @2028   8 years forrest contributed fix to parametrics
(edit) @2026   8 years forrest fix compile error for abc
(edit) @2025   8 years forrest mainly dantzig-wolfe - also Clp strong branching (rather than OsiClp?)
(edit) @2024   8 years forrest changes to abc
(edit) @2022   8 years forrest fixx AddColumns? CoinModel?
(edit) @2019   8 years stefan add function Clp_freeRay to C interface to free a ray given by …
(edit) @2016   8 years forrest weird compiler error
(edit) @2015   8 years forrest merge from stable 2006
(edit) @2005   8 years tkr Re-running auto tools stable/0.7
(edit) @2001   8 years stefan check status only if reading mps
(edit) @1996   8 years stefan conditional addition of dependent libraries into project libs via …
(edit) @1994   8 years stefan also use handler for printing
(edit) @1990   8 years forrest merge 1989 from stable
(edit) @1988   8 years tkr Change doxygen.conf to generate latex
(edit) @1984   8 years tkr Re-running the autotools
(edit) @1980   8 years stefan run autotools with BuildTools?/stable/0.7
(edit) @1978   8 years tkr Re-running autotools
(edit) @1977   8 years forrest fix for tiny qp
(edit) @1976   8 years forrest allow use of plusnnnn or minusnnnn as keyword
(edit) @1975   8 years forrest allow custom print format
(edit) @1974   8 years forrest change KKT ordering in ClpcholeskyBase?
(edit) @1973   8 years forrest try and trap bad primal bases
(edit) @1972   8 years forrest changes to allow more options and stop on feasible (and a few other things)
(edit) @1967   8 years tkr Updates to allow installig of manifest (sorry for the multiple commits)
(edit) @1966   8 years tkr Changes for embedding manifest
(edit) @1965   8 years tkr Change to allow embedding of manifest
(edit) @1964   8 years forrest fix postsolve bug in qp
(edit) @1958   8 years forrest allow better handling of odd addColumns
(edit) @1956   8 years forrest fix assert if variable wrongly marked
(edit) @1954   8 years tkr Updatng MSVC++ files
(edit) @1953   8 years forrest don't go into abc if empty problem
(edit) @1952   8 years forrest fix in case anyone so experimental as to use setAutomaticScale
(edit) @1951   8 years forrest add event handler for barrier iteration
(edit) @1950   8 years forrest fix number of iterations after barrier
(edit) @1948   8 years forrest forgot to checkin!
(edit) @1947   8 years forrest 2.8 modification which can cause problems
(edit) @1946   8 years forrest allow AMPL in Clp
(edit) @1945   9 years forrest fix to allow .lp files on stdin
(edit) @1940   9 years stefan use % instead of fmod for integer modulo operation
(edit) @1939   9 years stefan make arguments of ClpModel::copyNames const as suggested in #57
(edit) @1938   9 years stefan get pdco example working
(edit) @1937   9 years forrest fixes so sprint will work on unsuitable problems and testGub have no …
(edit) @1936   9 years forrest fixes so examples will work
(edit) @1935   9 years stefan fix compiler warnings; fix path to sample instance in minimum
(edit) @1934   9 years tkr Updates to MSVC++ files
(edit) @1932   9 years stefan remove wrong version number check
(edit) @1930   9 years stefan fix compiler warnings in debug mode
(edit) @1929   9 years stefan fix compiler (gcc 4.6.2) warnings in optimized mode, mainly about …
(edit) @1927   9 years forrest minor change to check if ray exists
(edit) @1926   9 years forrest try to fix infeasibility ray, changes as in stable (for presolve), …
(edit) @1924   9 years forrest changes for miqp, parameters and presolve
(edit) @1923   9 years forrest stop assert on no gaps
(edit) @1921   9 years stefan include AbcCommon? only if Aboca is enabled
(edit) @1920   9 years stefan closing case by ;& does not seem to be supported on all systems
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