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(edit) @1709   10 years stefan add includes to cope with changes in Osi/trunk unittest
(edit) @1708   10 years lou Repair v9 builds by excising ClpCholeskyMumps?, ClpCholeskyUfl?, …
(edit) @1707   10 years forrest fix stupid typo from years ago
(edit) @1706   10 years forrest fix for number iterations in ClpSolve? and check if gone feasible for …
(edit) @1704   10 years lou Classic solution for VS2010.
(edit) @1703   10 years forrest add debug info and take out possible memory leak
(edit) @1702   10 years lou Start of VS2010 solutions.
(edit) @1701   10 years stefan install ClpCholeskyXyz?.hpp for advanced users
(edit) @1700   10 years lou Solaris cpp doesn't like not'; replace with !'.
(edit) @1699   10 years forrest allow to distinguish between infeasible and unbounded in presolve
(edit) @1698   10 years stefan make sure COIN_HAS_BLAS conditional is always defined; rerun autotools
(edit) @1697   10 years forrest sorry - did not mean to overwrite - bacl to Stefan's configure
(edit) @1696   10 years forrest for integer problems with large values
(edit) @1695   10 years stefan fixes for WSMP
(edit) @1694   10 years stefan fix
(edit) @1693   10 years stefan make WSMP recoginition and use similar to Ipopt's WSMP interface
(edit) @1692   10 years stefan recognize ThirdParty/Mumps?; build ClpCholeskyMumps? only if Mumps …
(edit) @1691   10 years stefan check for AMD and CHOLMOD and GLPK's AMD in configure; compile …
(edit) @1690   10 years stefan -Wno-long-long is now always set (for gnu compiler); rerun autotools
(edit) @1689   10 years lou Account for null at end of string. Fixes ticket #44.
(edit) @1688   10 years stefan add -Wno-long-long in case someone compiles with AMD UFL; rerun autotools
(edit) @1687   10 years stefan remove unnessary last argument of AC_COIN_MAIN_PACKAGEDIR; rerun autotools
(edit) @1685   10 years lou Make DLL builds more robust. Build bare DLLs by default, not assemblies.
(edit) @1684   10 years stefan rerun autotools to get fix for msys
(edit) @1683   10 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1682   10 years forrest stupid me - I did it again - glpk fix
(edit) @1681   10 years forrest allow gmpl report
(edit) @1680   10 years forrest allow glpk solution file
(edit) @1679   10 years forrest Add code to help when bad cuts are added by user i.e. ones with tiny …
(edit) @1678   10 years forrest gub stuff
(edit) @1677   10 years forrest gub
(edit) @1676   10 years forrest For GUB
(edit) @1675   10 years stefan fix addlibs file for cygwin/cl build; rerun autotools
(edit) @1671   10 years forrest CLP_USER_DRIVEN1 error
(edit) @1670   10 years lou restoring Clp/trunk
(edit) @1668   10 years lou temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1666   10 years lou A last leftover for EPL conversion, down in doc.
(edit) @1665   10 years lou Add EPL license notice in src.
(edit) @1664   10 years lou Add EPL license notice in OsiClp?.
(edit) @1663   10 years lou Add EPL license notice in test.
(edit) @1662   10 years lou Add EPL license notice in examples.
(edit) @1661   10 years forrest preftetch_const out for now
(edit) @1660   10 years forrest for user hooks and ranging/parametrics
(edit) @1659   10 years stefan change library installation directory back to
(edit) @1657   10 years stefan add URL into .pc field; rerun autotools
(edit) @1656   10 years mjs Correct typo.
(edit) @1655   10 years mjs Relicense under the Eclipse Public License.
(edit) @1650   10 years forrest save some memory
(edit) @1648   10 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1647   10 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1646   10 years stefan add comment
(edit) @1645   10 years stefan get examples working for cygwin/cl without pkg-config
(edit) @1644   10 years stefan list .la files in xxx-uninstalled.pc files; setup binary dependencies …
(edit) @1643   10 years forrest stab at parametrics and sparser matrix multiply
(edit) @1642   10 years lou Make Visual Studio v9 build work again.
(edit) @1641   10 years forrest allow for network bobble and lightweight presolve
(edit) @1637   10 years stefan use new fallback variables to setup addlibs file in fallback mode; use …
(edit) @1636   10 years stefan install also osi-clp.pc file in main directory (will be needed soon); …
(edit) @1635   10 years forrest fix bug when presolved model infeasible but original feasible. also …
(edit) @1631   10 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1628   10 years lou Add check to Clp/ to abort configure if CoinUtils? is missing.
(edit) @1624   10 years lou restoring Clp/trunk
(edit) @1622   10 years lou temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1621   10 years lou Remove explicit trunk requirement on CoinUtils? from Clp/
(edit) @1619   10 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1618   10 years tkr Making name changes to comply with recent changes in build tools and …
(edit) @1617   10 years lou Tweaks to genDefForClp.ps1 so we can build 64-bit DLLs.
(edit) @1616   10 years forrest for partial skip of etas
(edit) @1614   10 years lou First cut at DLL build for Visual Studio. Requires powershell. 32-bit …
(edit) @1613   10 years lou Small changes (remove local static variables) to allow DLL build with …
(edit) @1612   10 years forrest minor mistake
(edit) @1611   10 years forrest fix typo
(edit) @1610   10 years forrest changes for more flexibility in ClpSolve?
(edit) @1605   10 years lou Changes to fix 64-bit warnings in MS cl build.
(edit) @1604   10 years lou First cut at alternate build strategy for Coin with Visual Studio.
(edit) @1603   10 years stefan change from COIN_HAS_MODULE to COIN_HAS_PACKAGE
(edit) @1602   10 years lou Make simplex mode 1 (tableau access) work properly with maximisation. …
(edit) @1601   10 years lou Capture BuildTools? change that makes XXX_SVN_REV numeric.
(edit) @1600   10 years forrest rename infeasibilityRay
(edit) @1599   10 years forrest example is rubbish - but at least it should compile!
(edit) @1597   10 years forrest fix stupidity in example
(edit) @1596   10 years forrest minor changes for making feasible
(edit) @1595   10 years lou Remove setObjectiveAndRefresh. Make getReducedGradient const. A few …
(edit) @1594   10 years lou Documentation.
(edit) @1592   10 years lou Make param of setObjectiveAndRefresh const, in case the method survives.
(edit) @1591   10 years forrest new functions for SCIP
(edit) @1590   10 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1589   10 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1588   10 years stefan add prefix to COIN_PKG_CONFIG_PATH, also if it does not exists at …
(edit) @1587   10 years lou Doxygen tweaks: restore AUTOBRIEF, make COIN_DOXYGEN unchatty.
(edit) @1586   10 years forrest another fix for SCIP
(edit) @1585   10 years forrest changes to help SCIP
(edit) @1584   10 years lou Change signature of getDualRays from (int) to (int,bool) to allow …
(edit) @1583   10 years lou Fix up examples: Correct library ordering in, add std:: …
(edit) @1582   10 years lou Add forgotten doxydoc targets. But don't build doxydoc by default; …
(edit) @1581   10 years lou New doxygen documentation structure.
(edit) @1580   10 years stefan COIN_HAS_MODULE_FALLBACK is now always called by COIN_HAS_MODULE and …
(edit) @1579   10 years stefan remove addlibs file in uninstall
(edit) @1578   10 years stefan no need to set PKG_CONFIG_DISABLE_UNINSTALLED, so don't do it
(edit) @1577   10 years stefan create xxx_addlibs.txt after installation by using only .pc files of …
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