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(edit) @1996   8 years stefan conditional addition of dependent libraries into project libs via …
(edit) @1965   9 years tkr Change to allow embedding of manifest
(edit) @1946   9 years forrest allow AMPL in Clp
(edit) @1910   9 years stefan - add configure option --enable-aboca={1,2,3,4,yes,no} - compile Aboca …
(edit) @1848   10 years stefan merge chgset 1847 from stable/1.14
(edit) @1828   10 years lou Back merge r1827 from stable/1.14
(edit) @1781   10 years stefan fix order of -I flags, so uninstalled headers are prefered to …
(edit) @1745   11 years stefan remove now redundant counting of test failures; a bit more cleanup
(edit) @1744   11 years stefan handle exceptions like other unittest failures
(edit) @1743   11 years stefan a bit cleanup and small fixes
(edit) @1741   11 years stefan cutsOnly is ignored
(edit) @1740   11 years stefan convert osi unittest to use new TestOutcomes? facility
(edit) @1734   11 years stefan change to new way on how to use and install configuration header files
(edit) @1709   11 years stefan add includes to cope with changes in Osi/trunk unittest
(edit) @1695   11 years stefan fixes for WSMP
(edit) @1693   11 years stefan make WSMP recoginition and use similar to Ipopt's WSMP interface
(edit) @1692   11 years stefan recognize ThirdParty/Mumps?; build ClpCholeskyMumps? only if Mumps …
(edit) @1691   11 years stefan check for AMD and CHOLMOD and GLPK's AMD in configure; compile …
(edit) @1663   11 years lou Add EPL license notice in test.
(edit) @1657   11 years stefan add URL into .pc field; rerun autotools
(edit) @1655   11 years mjs Relicense under the Eclipse Public License.
(edit) @1644   11 years stefan list .la files in xxx-uninstalled.pc files; setup binary dependencies …
(edit) @1642   11 years lou Make Visual Studio v9 build work again.
(edit) @1637   11 years stefan use new fallback variables to setup addlibs file in fallback mode; use …
(edit) @1618   11 years tkr Making name changes to comply with recent changes in build tools and …
(edit) @1603   11 years stefan change from COIN_HAS_MODULE to COIN_HAS_PACKAGE
(edit) @1602   11 years lou Make simplex mode 1 (tableau access) work properly with maximisation. …
(edit) @1595   11 years lou Remove setObjectiveAndRefresh. Make getReducedGradient const. A few …
(edit) @1581   12 years lou New doxygen documentation structure.
(edit) @1577   12 years stefan create xxx_addlibs.txt after installation by using only .pc files of …
(edit) @1575   12 years stefan add Osi into Externals; fixes for building osiUnitTest when configured …
(edit) @1573   12 years stefan use PCADDLIBS instead of ADDLIBS to setup .pc file; rerun autotools
(edit) @1566   12 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1563   12 years stefan allow build against installed dependencies without presence of base …
(edit) @1559   12 years stefan merge split branch into trunk
(edit) @1155   14 years tkr Changing installation location for addlibs.txt file
(edit) @1139   14 years andreasw reran autotools with latest BuildTools?/trunk
(edit) @1088   14 years andreasw merging changes from Bug Squashing Party Aug 2007 to regular trunk
(edit) @915   15 years andreasw reran autotools with latest coin.m4 in trunk; replaced make by …
(edit) @836   16 years andreasw updated according to changes in BuildTools?; included some bugfixes …
(edit) @827   16 years andreasw integrated latest fixed in BuildTools?
(edit) @814   16 years andreasw integrated latest changes in BuildTools?
(edit) @797   16 years andreasw updated INSTALL and README file; reran autotools to get latest changes …
(edit) @796   16 years andreasw applied changes in BuildTools?
(edit) @794   16 years andreasw included bugfix in coin.m4
(edit) @786   16 years andreasw A number of unifying stylistic changes
(edit) @784   16 years andreasw correct svn:keywords property for and files
(edit) @778   16 years andreasw corrected Externals to exclude MSDevStudio; made Clp examples to work
(edit) @776   16 years andreasw made setting of libtool flag -no-undefined platform dependent
(edit) @774   16 years andreasw several fixes for Cygwin; corrected -no-undefined for Darwin
(edit) @771   16 years andreasw several fixes for Cygwin; automatically gunzip examples files if zlib …
(edit) @764   16 years andreasw Several fixes to make autotools work on Cygwin
(edit) @763   16 years andreasw minor corrections
(edit) @761   16 years andreasw renamed CoinBase? to CoinUtils?
(edit) @755   16 years andreasw finished Clp (create now bin/clp_solver)
(add) @754   16 years andreasw first version
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