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(edit) @2022   7 years forrest fixx AddColumns? CoinModel?
(edit) @2019   7 years stefan add function Clp_freeRay to C interface to free a ray given by …
(edit) @2016   7 years forrest weird compiler error
(edit) @2015   7 years forrest merge from stable 2006
(edit) @1996   7 years stefan conditional addition of dependent libraries into project libs via …
(edit) @1994   7 years stefan also use handler for printing
(edit) @1990   7 years forrest merge 1989 from stable
(edit) @1977   7 years forrest fix for tiny qp
(edit) @1976   7 years forrest allow use of plusnnnn or minusnnnn as keyword
(edit) @1975   7 years forrest allow custom print format
(edit) @1974   7 years forrest change KKT ordering in ClpcholeskyBase?
(edit) @1973   7 years forrest try and trap bad primal bases
(edit) @1972   7 years forrest changes to allow more options and stop on feasible (and a few other things)
(edit) @1967   7 years tkr Updates to allow installig of manifest (sorry for the multiple commits)
(edit) @1966   7 years tkr Changes for embedding manifest
(edit) @1965   7 years tkr Change to allow embedding of manifest
(edit) @1964   7 years forrest fix postsolve bug in qp
(edit) @1958   8 years forrest allow better handling of odd addColumns
(edit) @1956   8 years forrest fix assert if variable wrongly marked
(edit) @1953   8 years forrest don't go into abc if empty problem
(edit) @1952   8 years forrest fix in case anyone so experimental as to use setAutomaticScale
(edit) @1951   8 years forrest add event handler for barrier iteration
(edit) @1950   8 years forrest fix number of iterations after barrier
(edit) @1948   8 years forrest forgot to checkin!
(edit) @1947   8 years forrest 2.8 modification which can cause problems
(edit) @1946   8 years forrest allow AMPL in Clp
(edit) @1945   8 years forrest fix to allow .lp files on stdin
(edit) @1940   8 years stefan use % instead of fmod for integer modulo operation
(edit) @1939   8 years stefan make arguments of ClpModel::copyNames const as suggested in #57
(edit) @1938   8 years stefan get pdco example working
(edit) @1936   8 years forrest fixes so examples will work
(edit) @1932   8 years stefan remove wrong version number check
(edit) @1930   8 years stefan fix compiler warnings in debug mode
(edit) @1929   8 years stefan fix compiler (gcc 4.6.2) warnings in optimized mode, mainly about …
(edit) @1927   8 years forrest minor change to check if ray exists
(edit) @1926   8 years forrest try to fix infeasibility ray, changes as in stable (for presolve), …
(edit) @1924   8 years forrest changes for miqp, parameters and presolve
(edit) @1923   8 years forrest stop assert on no gaps
(edit) @1921   8 years stefan include AbcCommon? only if Aboca is enabled
(edit) @1918   8 years forrest relax fast solve setup a bit
(edit) @1913   8 years stefan restoring Clp/trunk
(edit) @1911   8 years stefan temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1910   8 years stefan - add configure option --enable-aboca={1,2,3,4,yes,no} - compile Aboca …
(edit) @1909   8 years stefan remove ifdef ZERO_HALF_CUTS
(edit) @1908   8 years stefan assume latest cbc, i.e., assume that CBC_AFTER_2_8 gets always defined
(edit) @1906   8 years forrest more options
(edit) @1904   8 years forrest for multiple root solvers
(edit) @1903   8 years stefan code from John to check that fillBasis works correctly (need to be …
(edit) @1902   8 years stefan patch by Miles Lubin to make solve options available in C interface
(edit) @1901   8 years stefan patch by Miles Lubin to get malloc'ed arrays in C interface ray methods
(edit) @1900   8 years tkr Turning off spurious message during pre-processing
(edit) @1899   8 years stefan fix typos in docu
(edit) @1896   8 years lou Minimal changes to presolve driver for testRedundant, fill_level.
(edit) @1895   8 years forrest minor correction to random generator copy
(edit) @1892   8 years forrest more special options
(edit) @1887   8 years stefan merge r1886 from stable/1.14
(edit) @1884   8 years forrest minor update to improve accuarcy in parametrics
(edit) @1883   8 years forrest allow setting of random seed
(edit) @1881   8 years lou Replace exp10(y) with pow(10.0,y) so we don't have to fiddle with …
(edit) @1880   8 years forrest finger trouble
(edit) @1879   8 years forrest fix a few problems with Aboca
(edit) @1878   8 years forrest minor changes to implement Aboca
(edit) @1877   8 years forrest safer test
(edit) @1876   8 years forrest cleanup some coding in outDuplicateRows
(edit) @1872   8 years forrest pass in startFinishOptions after stopped
(edit) @1869   8 years forrest fix stupid new length error in mini presolve (thanks Valentin)
(edit) @1868   8 years forrest allow fix to force to stay in dual
(edit) @1867   8 years stefan merge r1866 from stable/0.4: recompute reduced costs if factorization …
(edit) @1865   8 years forrest do a better job of checking for gaps
(edit) @1863   8 years forrest small change for parametrics maxtheta
(edit) @1862   8 years forrest keep parametrics flexible for advanced users
(edit) @1861   8 years forrest allow user to override crossover considerations in parametrics
(edit) @1860   8 years forrest make test on maximum theta in parametrics more robust
(edit) @1856   9 years forrest help from stable
(edit) @1854   9 years forrest fix for mini presolve when given free rows
(edit) @1852   9 years forrest change for mipstart
(edit) @1851   9 years forrest changes to parametrics
(edit) @1850   9 years stefan merge chgset 1849 from stable/1.14
(edit) @1848   9 years stefan merge chgset 1847 from stable/1.14
(edit) @1846   9 years forrest take out names on mini presolve
(edit) @1845   9 years forrest relaxing infeasibility test in mini presolve
(edit) @1844   9 years forrest fix mini presolve when too much happening and modify invert frequency …
(edit) @1843   9 years stefan merge chgset 1842 from stable/1.14
(edit) @1836   9 years lou Fix bug of r1679 again, plus a few other changes to set …
(edit) @1835   9 years forrest fix if initially infeasible
(edit) @1834   9 years lou Disable some asserts enabled by PRESOLVE_DEBUG. Clp appears to return …
(edit) @1833   9 years forrest clean up code a bit
(edit) @1832   9 years forrest fix typo
(edit) @1831   9 years forrest changes to improve specific instances
(edit) @1829   9 years forrest to keep compiler happy
(edit) @1828   9 years lou Back merge r1827 from stable/1.14
(edit) @1826   9 years forrest minor changes to fix minor bug
(edit) @1825   9 years forrest stuff to allow more event handling
(edit) @1817   9 years forrest add ClpTraceDebug?
(edit) @1809   9 years forrest for derived message handler
(edit) @1801   9 years forrest use nonscaled times/transposeTimes
(edit) @1795   9 years forrest stop seg fault on infinite theta
(edit) @1794   9 years forrest fix iteration count bug
(edit) @1792   9 years forrest obscure bug on mix of adds using simplex and coinmodel
(edit) @1790   9 years forrest improve robustness of parametrics
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