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(edit) @1655   10 years mjs Relicense under the Eclipse Public License.
(edit) @1650   10 years forrest save some memory
(edit) @1644   10 years stefan list .la files in xxx-uninstalled.pc files; setup binary dependencies …
(edit) @1643   10 years forrest stab at parametrics and sparser matrix multiply
(edit) @1642   10 years lou Make Visual Studio v9 build work again.
(edit) @1641   10 years forrest allow for network bobble and lightweight presolve
(edit) @1637   10 years stefan use new fallback variables to setup addlibs file in fallback mode; use …
(edit) @1636   10 years stefan install also osi-clp.pc file in main directory (will be needed soon); …
(edit) @1635   10 years forrest fix bug when presolved model infeasible but original feasible. also …
(edit) @1624   10 years lou restoring Clp/trunk
(edit) @1622   10 years lou temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1618   10 years tkr Making name changes to comply with recent changes in build tools and …
(edit) @1616   10 years forrest for partial skip of etas
(edit) @1613   10 years lou Small changes (remove local static variables) to allow DLL build with …
(edit) @1612   10 years forrest minor mistake
(edit) @1611   10 years forrest fix typo
(edit) @1610   10 years forrest changes for more flexibility in ClpSolve?
(edit) @1605   10 years lou Changes to fix 64-bit warnings in MS cl build.
(edit) @1603   10 years stefan change from COIN_HAS_MODULE to COIN_HAS_PACKAGE
(edit) @1602   10 years lou Make simplex mode 1 (tableau access) work properly with maximisation. …
(edit) @1600   10 years forrest rename infeasibilityRay
(edit) @1596   10 years forrest minor changes for making feasible
(edit) @1595   10 years lou Remove setObjectiveAndRefresh. Make getReducedGradient const. A few …
(edit) @1594   10 years lou Documentation.
(edit) @1592   10 years lou Make param of setObjectiveAndRefresh const, in case the method survives.
(edit) @1591   10 years forrest new functions for SCIP
(edit) @1586   10 years forrest another fix for SCIP
(edit) @1585   10 years forrest changes to help SCIP
(edit) @1584   10 years lou Change signature of getDualRays from (int) to (int,bool) to allow …
(edit) @1581   10 years lou New doxygen documentation structure.
(edit) @1577   10 years stefan create xxx_addlibs.txt after installation by using only .pc files of …
(edit) @1574   10 years stefan check for Osi in base dir too; fix some comments in
(edit) @1573   10 years stefan use PCADDLIBS instead of ADDLIBS to setup .pc file; rerun autotools
(edit) @1566   10 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1564   10 years lou Tweaks to use PROJECTDIR_INIT to define CLP_VERSION.
(edit) @1563   10 years stefan allow build against installed dependencies without presence of base …
(edit) @1559   10 years stefan merge split branch into trunk
(edit) @1557   11 years lou restoring
(edit) @1555   11 years lou temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1554   11 years lou Convert CLPVERSION to CLP_VERSION for consistency with upcoming changes.
(edit) @1551   11 years mjs Rerun formatting after JJF patches (1533 and 1535).
(edit) @1541   11 years stefan merge chgset 1536 from stable/1.11 into trunk: do not copy ray_ if it …
(edit) @1535   11 years forrest fix dupcol bug
(edit) @1533   11 years forrest make it easier to play with multiple Lp solutions
(edit) @1525   11 years mjs Formatted .cpp, .hpp, .c, .h files with "astyle -A4 -p". This matches …
(edit) @1517   11 years forrest fix odd behavior on crossover from idiot
(edit) @1512   11 years forrest fix seg fault on null problem and messagee in idiot
(edit) @1506   11 years forrest changes for idiot code
(edit) @1505   11 years forrest fix for rare condition with free variables
(edit) @1503   11 years forrest fix warning and ambiguity
(edit) @1502   11 years forrest moving sandbox stuff to trunk
(edit) @1499   11 years forrest try and fix accuracy problems
(edit) @1496   11 years forrest get rid of assert
(edit) @1494   11 years forrest fix for extremely badly scaled fathom
(edit) @1484   11 years forrest memory leak
(edit) @1480   11 years ladanyi exposed the idiot code through the C interface
(edit) @1464   11 years forrest minor changes for stability
(edit) @1453   11 years forrest second try at changes for seg fault and idiot
(edit) @1452   11 years forrest hopefully fix fake feasible
(edit) @1451   11 years forrest fix for segfault in guts of copy
(edit) @1449   11 years forrest take out a time wasting bit of debug
(edit) @1448   11 years stefan for doxygen docu: docu of special options should be directly in front …
(edit) @1443   11 years forrest ifdef some printing
(edit) @1442   11 years forrest fix bad write and optional parentheses
(edit) @1440   11 years forrest add pivot and complement
(edit) @1439   11 years forrest minor changes
(edit) @1436   11 years forrest fix divide by zero
(edit) @1434   11 years forrest minor changes
(edit) @1431   11 years forrest fix memory leak
(edit) @1430   11 years forrest changes for fathoming
(edit) @1429   11 years forrest fixes etc
(edit) @1428   11 years forrest fix for Marc
(edit) @1427   11 years forrest minor changes for examples
(edit) @1426   11 years forrest minor changes for an idea
(edit) @1425   11 years forrest trying to put fix in again
(edit) @1424   11 years forrest fixes for various things
(edit) @1423   11 years forrest more info on bad movement
(edit) @1422   11 years forrest trying again on assert
(edit) @1421   11 years stefan let configure setup CLPVERSION
(edit) @1416   11 years forrest fix for network detection
(edit) @1412   11 years forrest changes for priorities etc
(edit) @1409   11 years forrest change dual bounds a bit more
(edit) @1407   11 years forrest fix for ray and warning messages
(edit) @1403   11 years forrest fixing segfault
(edit) @1402   11 years forrest get rid of compiler warnings
(edit) @1401   11 years forrest parameters osl
(edit) @1399   11 years forrest change message for slog
(edit) @1397   11 years forrest stuff for Marc and Stefan
(edit) @1396   11 years forrest stupid me
(edit) @1395   11 years forrest mistake on osl
(edit) @1394   11 years forrest allow infeasibilityray more and prepare
(edit) @1390   11 years forrest compiler warnings
(edit) @1379   11 years forrest add space
(edit) @1377   11 years forrest changes led to asserts
(edit) @1376   11 years forrest chnages for speed and alternate factorization
(edit) @1371   11 years forrest changes to try and make faster
(edit) @1370   11 years forrest add ids
(edit) @1369   12 years forrest forgot this
(edit) @1368   12 years forrest changes for cholesky including code from Anshul Gupta
(edit) @1367   12 years forrest try and improve stability - also long double interior point
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