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(edit) @2070   5 years forrest for some cbc ideas
(edit) @1977   6 years forrest fix for tiny qp
(edit) @1972   6 years forrest changes to allow more options and stop on feasible (and a few other things)
(edit) @1929   7 years stefan fix compiler (gcc 4.6.2) warnings in optimized mode, mainly about …
(edit) @1926   7 years forrest try to fix infeasibility ray, changes as in stable (for presolve), …
(edit) @1924   7 years forrest changes for miqp, parameters and presolve
(edit) @1910   7 years stefan - add configure option --enable-aboca={1,2,3,4,yes,no} - compile Aboca …
(edit) @1900   7 years tkr Turning off spurious message during pre-processing
(edit) @1896   7 years lou Minimal changes to presolve driver for testRedundant, fill_level.
(edit) @1879   7 years forrest fix a few problems with Aboca
(edit) @1878   7 years forrest minor changes to implement Aboca
(edit) @1834   8 years lou Disable some asserts enabled by PRESOLVE_DEBUG. Clp appears to return …
(edit) @1801   8 years forrest use nonscaled times/transposeTimes
(edit) @1780   8 years forrest stuff for parametrics
(edit) @1723   9 years forrest out some printf statements
(edit) @1721   9 years forrest a bit of debug and try and save memory in OsiClp?
(edit) @1703   9 years forrest add debug info and take out possible memory leak
(edit) @1699   9 years forrest allow to distinguish between infeasible and unbounded in presolve
(edit) @1665   9 years lou Add EPL license notice in src.
(edit) @1660   9 years forrest for user hooks and ranging/parametrics
(edit) @1643   9 years forrest stab at parametrics and sparser matrix multiply
(edit) @1641   9 years forrest allow for network bobble and lightweight presolve
(edit) @1635   9 years forrest fix bug when presolved model infeasible but original feasible. also …
(edit) @1596   9 years forrest minor changes for making feasible
(edit) @1551   9 years mjs Rerun formatting after JJF patches (1533 and 1535).
(edit) @1535   10 years forrest fix dupcol bug
(edit) @1525   10 years mjs Formatted .cpp, .hpp, .c, .h files with "astyle -A4 -p". This matches …
(edit) @1464   10 years forrest minor changes for stability
(edit) @1402   10 years forrest get rid of compiler warnings
(edit) @1370   10 years forrest add ids
(edit) @1344   11 years forrest changes to simplex and lots of stuff and start Mumps cholesky
(edit) @1321   11 years forrest out compiler warnings and stability improvements
(edit) @1297   11 years forrest cassert
(edit) @1292   11 years forrest allow for small elements coming in
(edit) @1270   11 years forrest back closer to 2.2
(edit) @1266   11 years forrest trying to make faster
(edit) @1197   11 years forrest many changes to try and improve performance
(edit) @1051   12 years forrest to eliminate memory leak
(edit) @1034   12 years forrest moving branches/devel to trunk
(edit) @850   13 years forrest fix bug
(copy) @754   13 years andreasw first version
copied from trunk/ClpPresolve.cpp:
(edit) @701   14 years forrest messages and preprocessing
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