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(edit) @1972   6 years forrest changes to allow more options and stop on feasible (and a few other things)
(edit) @1939   6 years stefan make arguments of ClpModel::copyNames const as suggested in #57
(edit) @1926   6 years forrest try to fix infeasibility ray, changes as in stable (for presolve), …
(edit) @1924   6 years forrest changes for miqp, parameters and presolve
(edit) @1901   7 years stefan patch by Miles Lubin to get malloc'ed arrays in C interface ray methods
(edit) @1878   7 years forrest minor changes to implement Aboca
(edit) @1825   8 years forrest stuff to allow more event handling
(edit) @1780   8 years forrest stuff for parametrics
(edit) @1722   8 years stefan adjust to changes in CoinUtils? header files
(edit) @1665   9 years lou Add EPL license notice in src.
(edit) @1600   9 years forrest rename infeasibilityRay
(edit) @1591   9 years forrest new functions for SCIP
(edit) @1525   9 years mjs Formatted .cpp, .hpp, .c, .h files with "astyle -A4 -p". This matches …
(edit) @1502   10 years forrest moving sandbox stuff to trunk
(edit) @1448   10 years stefan for doxygen docu: docu of special options should be directly in front …
(edit) @1436   10 years forrest fix divide by zero
(edit) @1424   10 years forrest fixes for various things
(edit) @1407   10 years forrest fix for ray and warning messages
(edit) @1397   10 years forrest stuff for Marc and Stefan
(edit) @1376   10 years forrest chnages for speed and alternate factorization
(edit) @1370   10 years forrest add ids
(edit) @1344   10 years forrest changes to simplex and lots of stuff and start Mumps cholesky
(edit) @1329   11 years forrest minor change to fastdual
(edit) @1321   11 years forrest out compiler warnings and stability improvements
(edit) @1267   11 years forrest changes for mahdi's heuristics
(edit) @1205   11 years forrest for zero problems
(edit) @1197   11 years forrest many changes to try and improve performance
(edit) @1150   12 years forrest try and make a bit faster
(edit) @1147   12 years forrest changes to try and make faster
(edit) @1141   12 years forrest for threaded random numbers
(edit) @1137   12 years forrest try and improve stability
(edit) @1128   12 years forrest fixes for various ideas
(edit) @1121   12 years forrest find network
(edit) @1060   12 years forrest for secondary status on time
(edit) @1059   12 years forrest add defaulthandler and stuff for nonlinear
(edit) @1056   12 years forrest out ambiguities
(edit) @1055   12 years forrest out };
(edit) @1034   12 years forrest moving branches/devel to trunk
(edit) @800   13 years ladanyi finishing conversion to svn
(edit) @799   13 years andreasw undid last commit (patches incorrectly applied)
(edit) @798   13 years ladanyi finished switch to subversion
(edit) @772   13 years andreasw changed Config.h behavior
(edit) @760   13 years andreasw finished (for now) conversion of Cbc to autotools
(copy) @754   13 years andreasw first version
copied from trunk/include/ClpModel.hpp:
(edit) @740   13 years forrest makes some problems faster
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