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(edit) @1878   7 years forrest minor changes to implement Aboca
(edit) @1726   9 years stefan fix compiler warnings, including one that pointed to a bug
(edit) @1724   9 years forrest allow for setting small element tolerance in readMps
(edit) @1696   9 years forrest for integer problems with large values
(edit) @1693   9 years stefan make WSMP recoginition and use similar to Ipopt's WSMP interface
(edit) @1692   9 years stefan recognize ThirdParty/Mumps?; build ClpCholeskyMumps? only if Mumps …
(edit) @1691   9 years stefan check for AMD and CHOLMOD and GLPK's AMD in configure; compile …
(edit) @1682   9 years forrest stupid me - I did it again - glpk fix
(edit) @1681   9 years forrest allow gmpl report
(edit) @1665   9 years lou Add EPL license notice in src.
(edit) @1660   9 years forrest for user hooks and ranging/parametrics
(edit) @1643   9 years forrest stab at parametrics and sparser matrix multiply
(edit) @1642   9 years lou Make Visual Studio v9 build work again.
(edit) @1554   10 years lou Convert CLPVERSION to CLP_VERSION for consistency with upcoming changes.
(edit) @1525   10 years mjs Formatted .cpp, .hpp, .c, .h files with "astyle -A4 -p". This matches …
(edit) @1502   10 years forrest moving sandbox stuff to trunk
(edit) @1464   10 years forrest minor changes for stability
(edit) @1434   10 years forrest minor changes
(edit) @1424   10 years forrest fixes for various things
(edit) @1421   10 years stefan let configure setup CLPVERSION
(edit) @1407   10 years forrest fix for ray and warning messages
(edit) @1402   10 years forrest get rid of compiler warnings
(edit) @1379   10 years forrest add space
(edit) @1371   10 years forrest changes to try and make faster
(edit) @1370   11 years forrest add ids
(edit) @1368   11 years forrest changes for cholesky including code from Anshul Gupta
(edit) @1366   11 years forrest try and improve quadratic and barrier
(edit) @1344   11 years forrest changes to simplex and lots of stuff and start Mumps cholesky
(edit) @1333   11 years forrest version 1.9
(edit) @1322   11 years jpfasano Change to source so will compile with MS Visual Studio Express V9. …
(edit) @1321   11 years forrest out compiler warnings and stability improvements
(edit) @1287   11 years forrest changes for cbc event handler and multiple factorizations
(edit) @1286   11 years forrest changes for factorization and aux region
(edit) @1245   11 years forrest minor change to printing
(edit) @1237   11 years ladanyi force cdecl on signal_handler() and main() if MS compiler is used …
(edit) @1231   11 years ladanyi switch from strdup to CoinStrdup? (same as changeset 1230 in stable/1.8)
(edit) @1199   12 years forrest allow use of dense factorization
(edit) @1185   12 years ladanyi include cstdlib before cmath to get things to compile on AIX with xlC
(edit) @1147   12 years forrest changes to try and make faster
(edit) @1111   12 years forrest trying to improve networks
(edit) @1092   12 years ladanyi added a couple of curly braces to stop newer compilers from complaining
(edit) @1090   12 years ladanyi fixed trailing backslash in directory specifications for Windows
(edit) @1088   12 years andreasw merging changes from Bug Squashing Party Aug 2007 to regular trunk
(edit) @1084   12 years forrest add numeric checking to main programs and modify tightenPrimalbounds
(edit) @1037   12 years forrest version
(edit) @1034   12 years forrest moving branches/devel to trunk
(edit) @828   13 years forrest version number
(edit) @813   13 years forrest for Paulo and version
(edit) @800   13 years ladanyi finishing conversion to svn
(edit) @799   13 years andreasw undid last commit (patches incorrectly applied)
(edit) @798   13 years ladanyi finished switch to subversion
(edit) @770   14 years andreasw fixed Clp unit test; changed optimization options for g++; corrected …
(copy) @755   14 years andreasw finished Clp (create now bin/clp_solver)
copied from trunk/Clp/test/ClpMain.cpp:
(copy) @754   14 years andreasw first version
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