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(edit) @1770   9 years stefan undo unix-specific setting of ADDLIBS from chgset 1769, no example …
(edit) @1769   9 years forrest changes for advanced use of Clp
(edit) @1747   9 years stefan fix examples Makefile for mingw/cl/no-pkgconfig
(edit) @1734   9 years stefan change to new way on how to use and install configuration header files
(edit) @1662   9 years lou Add EPL license notice in examples.
(edit) @1655   9 years mjs Relicense under the Eclipse Public License.
(edit) @1646   9 years stefan add comment
(edit) @1645   9 years stefan get examples working for cygwin/cl without pkg-config
(edit) @1642   9 years lou Make Visual Studio v9 build work again.
(edit) @1637   9 years stefan use new fallback variables to setup addlibs file in fallback mode; use …
(edit) @1603   10 years stefan change from COIN_HAS_MODULE to COIN_HAS_PACKAGE
(edit) @1599   10 years forrest example is rubbish - but at least it should compile!
(edit) @1597   10 years forrest fix stupidity in example
(edit) @1583   10 years lou Fix up examples: Correct library ordering in, add std:: …
(edit) @1562   10 years stefan make sure installation directory comes first in include directories
(edit) @1561   10 years stefan make check for sample dir work without including ClpConfig?.h
(edit) @1559   10 years stefan merge split branch into trunk
(edit) @1552   10 years mjs Format examples with 'astyle -A4 -p'.
(edit) @1370   11 years forrest add ids
(edit) @1326   11 years forrest First attempt at Benders decomposition
(edit) @1311   11 years forrest To allow solving a structured model (This is just proof of concept …
(edit) @1276   12 years ladanyi changed max/min to CoinMax/CoinMin?
(edit) @1265   12 years forrest correct Makefile
(edit) @1171   12 years forrest put back pdco in case wanted
(edit) @1155   12 years tkr Changing installation location for addlibs.txt file
(edit) @1153   12 years forrest modify example
(edit) @1146   12 years andreasw merged recent COIN-wide changes in stable into trunk and reran autotools
(edit) @1111   13 years forrest trying to improve networks
(edit) @821   14 years andreasw fixed example make clean; tiny correction in example/INSTALL file
(edit) @819   14 years jpfasano Changed test to say executable is in <driver>.exe rather than …
(edit) @800   14 years ladanyi finishing conversion to svn
(edit) @799   14 years andreasw undid last commit (patches incorrectly applied)
(edit) @798   14 years ladanyi finished switch to subversion
(edit) @790   14 years andreasw use AM_CPPFLAGS
(edit) @779   14 years andreasw added missing file
(edit) @778   14 years andreasw corrected Externals to exclude MSDevStudio; made Clp examples to work
(copy) @755   14 years andreasw finished Clp (create now bin/clp_solver)
copied from trunk/Samples:
(edit) @709   14 years jpfasano Modifed to use ClpCholeskyDense?, unless WSSMP_BARRIER is defined. If …
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