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(edit) @1859   9 years tkr Updating MSVC++ files
(edit) @1858   9 years tkr Changing to platform toolset v10
(edit) @1857   9 years tkr Adding support for proprty sheets
(edit) @1820   10 years bjarni Fixing NDEBUG issue and adding CLP_BUILD to x64 projects for …
(edit) @1811   10 years tkr Updating MSVC++ v9 files
(edit) @1808   10 years stefan remove no longer maintained and outdated v6/v7/v8
(edit) @1800   10 years Gassmann Change MSVS 10 build directory structure to harmonize with other projects
(edit) @1776   10 years tkr Merging r1775 from stable/1.14
(edit) @1774   10 years stefan merge chgset 1773 from stable/1.14
(edit) @1764   10 years tkr Updating MSVC++ files
(edit) @1733   10 years tkr Updates to version 10 MSVC++ project files
(edit) @1730   10 years Gassmann Changes to MSVS v9 .vcproj files
(edit) @1708   10 years lou Repair v9 builds by excising ClpCholeskyMumps?, ClpCholeskyUfl?, …
(edit) @1704   10 years lou Classic solution for VS2010.
(edit) @1702   10 years lou Start of VS2010 solutions.
(edit) @1685   10 years lou Make DLL builds more robust. Build bare DLLs by default, not assemblies.
(edit) @1642   11 years lou Make Visual Studio v9 build work again.
(edit) @1617   11 years lou Tweaks to genDefForClp.ps1 so we can build 64-bit DLLs.
(edit) @1614   11 years lou First cut at DLL build for Visual Studio. Requires powershell. 32-bit …
(edit) @1604   11 years lou First cut at alternate build strategy for Coin with Visual Studio.
(edit) @1470   12 years bjarni Add defines _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS and _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE to …
(edit) @1313   13 years jpfasano Adding MS v9 sln and vcproj files
(edit) @1300   13 years tkr Changing options in MSVC++ project files
(edit) @1299   13 years tkr Changing options in MSVC++ project files
(edit) @1204   13 years tkr Merging r1203 into trunk
(edit) @1198   13 years jpfasano Added ClpNode?.[cpp,hpp]
(edit) @1126   14 years jpfasano Modification to get building with MS V7 compiler
(edit) @1116   14 years jpfasano Adding ClpConstraint?*.*
(edit) @1049   14 years jpfasano Updated dependency so projects would link
(edit) @1042   14 years andreasw Redid MSVS changes
(edit) @1039   14 years andreasw Corrected path to other projects
(add) @1038   14 years andreasw Moved MSVS files from MSVisualStudio/branches/devel rev 124 to project …
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