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(edit) @975   15 years ladanyi Clp static pages moved
(edit) @974   16 years jpfasano
(edit) @973   16 years mjs Mass property update: remove svn:eol-style and add svn:mime-type for …
(edit) @972   17 years mjs Make relative paths absolute.
(edit) @971   17 years ddelanu Trying to fix last modified tag line at the bottom of page (hope it works)
(edit) @970   17 years ddelanu Added new CSS based menu already present on COIN homepage
(edit) @969   17 years ddelanu One more test still
(edit) @968   17 years ddelanu Another trivial change to test for strange error on new server
(edit) @967   17 years ddelanu Trivial change to test for strange error on new server
(edit) @966   17 years ddelanu Temporary version, trying to fix problems in server change, real …
(edit) @965   17 years ddelanu Missed a couple of typos, commiting every file because of laziness
(edit) @964   17 years ddelanu Minor changes, but also noticed multi-page format was not up to date anyway
(edit) @963   17 years ddelanu Forgot to clean-up DocBook? artificat (bug maybe) where links are messed-up
(edit) @962   17 years ddelanu Fixed some more typos and made clear the actual existence of a User Guide
(edit) @961   17 years ddelanu Clarified a couple of answers and added several news QandAs? about the …
(edit) @960   17 years hunsaker Changed Doxygen link to relative link. (Preparation for move.)
(edit) @959   17 years ddelanu Added links to tutorial on writing CLP docs
(edit) @958   17 years ddelanu First revision of tutorial on writing docs for CLP
(edit) @957   17 years ddelanu Linked-up new user guide
(edit) @956   17 years ddelanu First revision of user guide
(edit) @955   17 years ddelanu new image
(edit) @954   17 years ddelanu Rewrote the FAQ in DocBook? to share source with the CLP User Guide. …
(edit) @953   17 years ddelanu Wrapper for FAQ content so we can have same source in user guide and …
(edit) @952   18 years jpfasano Reworded sentence describing COIN.
(edit) @951   18 years jpfasano Reworded intro sentence describing COIN.
(edit) @950   18 years ddelanu Added link back to COIN homepage
(edit) @949   18 years ddelanu Added brief intro and linked to Doxygen content
(edit) @948   18 years ddelanu A couple of trivial changes
(edit) @947   18 years ddelanu Better intro message, lifted from FAQ
(edit) @946   18 years ddelanu Fixed the title (forgot with last update)
(edit) @945   18 years ddelanu Added new banner and copied FAQ from main page (<-- to be edited later)
(edit) @944   18 years ddelanu Added new banner
(edit) @943   18 years ddelanu Improved banner with new color to distinguish from main COIN-OR page
(edit) @942   18 years ddelanu Initial barebones version
(edit) @941   18 years ddelanu Cheap copy of main image file for barebones Clp site
(edit) @935   15 years ladanyi transitional directory
(add) @887   15 years coin creating empty dir for static html pages
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