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(edit) @1393   11 years stefan fix compiler warnings from gcc 4.3.2 on linux64
(edit) @1392   11 years forrest keep approximate obj around
(edit) @1391   11 years andreasw correct -version-info option
(edit) @1390   11 years forrest compiler warnings
(edit) @1389   11 years andreasw a few bugfixes for instdir
(edit) @1388   11 years stefan for building Cbc without having Clp source present - but ugly
(edit) @1387   11 years stefan for ticket 30
(edit) @1386   11 years andreasw final instdir commits for tonight
(edit) @1385   11 years andreasw install ClpSimplexDual?.hpp header
(edit) @1384   11 years andreasw more incldir changes
(edit) @1383   11 years forrest try and get rid of some warnings
(edit) @1382   11 years forrest compiler warnings 28
(edit) @1381   11 years andreasw more --with-proj-instdir changes
(edit) @1380   11 years andreasw added --with-proj* configure options
(edit) @1379   11 years forrest add space
(edit) @1378   11 years coin making the BSPsplit branch
(edit) @1377   11 years forrest changes led to asserts
(edit) @1376   11 years forrest chnages for speed and alternate factorization
(edit) @1375   11 years tkr Temporarily copying stable/1.10 to BSP for bug squashing party
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