Chapter 5.  The CLP Executable

Table of Contents

Quick Start
Online Help and Basic Usage
A Sample Session

Quick Start

The result of make unitTest (executed in COIN/Clp) is an executable clp as well as the CLP and COIN libraries. The executable can be used to perform various unit tests, but can also be used as a standalone solver. As the executable has a very simple solution file format, the user may wish to modify COIN/Clp/Test/ClpMain.cpp, which contains the source of the executable (modifications could even be offered as a contribution to CLP).

The clp executable operates in command line mode or prompted mode. Entering clp will invoke the prompted mode, while clp <filename> will import a problem in MPS format from filename, solve it using the dual simplex method and exit. The command clp <filename> -primalsimplex instructs the executable tp import a file and solve using the primal simplex method. An additional solitary dash ("-") starts the prompt mode once the execution of the initial command has been completed. The "-" is necessary as part of the command; invoking prompt mode as a separate command will result in the loss of problem information related to the initial command. So, the following sequences of commands are equivalent in the sense that both maximize a problem using the dual simplex method and write a solution to file: solfile:

    $ clp filename -maximize -dualsimplex -solution solfile

    $ clp filename -maximize -
    Clp:solution solfile

The executable is at a very early stage of development. Comments and suggestions would be appreciated.