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    67 <div class="qandaset"><dl><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4693599">
     67<div class="qandaset"><dl><dt>Q: <a href="#id4693599">
    6868  What is CLP?
    69   </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4694311">
     69  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="#id4694311">
    7070  What are some of the features of CLP?
    71   </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4694338">
     71  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="#id4694338">
    7272  How do I obtain and install CLP?
    73   </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4695264">
     73  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="#id4695264">
    7474  Is CLP reliable?
    75   </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4695295">
     75  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="#id4695295">
    7676  On which platforms does CLP run?   
    77   </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4695346">
     77  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="#id4695346">
    7878  Is there any documentation for CLP? 
    79   </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4757343">
     79  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="#id4757343">
    8080  Is CLP as fast as OSL?
    81   </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4757364">
     81  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="#id4757364">
    8282  When will version 1.0 of CLP be available? 
    83   </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4757396">
     83  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="#id4757396">
    8484  The barrier method sounds interesting, what are some of the details?
    85   </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4757421">
     85  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="#id4757421">
    8686  Which Cholesky factorizations codes are supported by CLP's barrier method?
    87   </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4757485">
     87  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="#id4757485">
    8888  When will CLP have a good native ordering?
    89   </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4757506">
     89  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="#id4757506">
    9090  Is the barrier code as mature as the simplex code?
    91   </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4757531">
     91  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="#id4757531">
    9292  Which algorithm should I use for quadratic programming and should I keep an
    9393  eye open for any issues?
    94   </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="index.html#id4757563">
     94  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="#id4757563">
    9595  What can the community do to help?
    9696  </a></dt></dl><table border="0" summary="Q and A Set"><col align="left" width="1%"><tbody><tr class="question"><td align="left" valign="top"><a name="id4693599"></a><a name="id4693601"></a><b>Q:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
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