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    5757        <div class="main-content">
    5858        <p>
    59           <marquee>&quot;Coming Soon&quot;</marquee>
     59          <!-- <marquee>&quot;Coming Soon&quot;</marquee> -->
    6060        </p>
     62              <p ALIGN=LEFT><b>Q: What is the COIN LP code?</b><br>
     63                A: The <a href="index.html">COIN LP</a> code is designed
     64                to be a high quality Simplex code
     65                which can be used in any situation where one would
     66                use the Simplex algorithms of Cplex, Xpress or OSL.
     67                The first release was 0.90 and we are now up to 0.93.</p>
     70              <p><b>Q: Is it reliable?</b><br>
     71                A: It has been tested on many problems of up to
     72                1.5 million constraints and has shown itself as
     73                reliable as OSL.  It is also being tested in the
     74                context of SBB, but more testing is needed before
     75                it can get to version 1.0.</p>
     78              <p><b>Q: Is it as fast as OSL?</b><br>
     79                A: It uses sparse techniques designed for very
     80                large problems.  The design criteria where for it
     81                not to be too slow.  Some speed has been
     82                sacrificed to make the code less opaque than
     83                OSL (not difficult:-)).</p>
     86              <p><b>Q: When will version 1.0 be available?</b><br>
     87                A: It depends on the interest of the COIN audience and
     88                on the workload of John Forrest.  It was meant to be
     89                a community effort, but rather more was done before
     90                the prototype was released than had been intended.
     91                It now has a presolve, but it still needs more
     92                done to it.</p>
     95              <p><b>Q: What are a few of its features?</b><br>
     96                A: Both dual and primal algorithms can use matrix
     97                storage methods provided by user e.g. all 1.0.  At
     98                present just OsiPackedMatrix is supported.  The Dual
     99                algorithm has Dantzig and Steepest edge row pivot choices
     100                and new ones may be provided by user.  Similarly for
     101                the column pivot choice in Primal.  Primal also
     102                uses a non linear cost.  This should work for
     103                piecewise linear convex functions and I will try
     104                to get it to work for non-convex functions.</p>
     107              <p><b>Q: What can the community do to help?</b><br>
     108                A: Lots.</p>
     109              <ul>
     110                <li>Comment on the design.  I have not invested
     111                so much time that it will hurt too much to totally
     112                redesign it.</li>
     113                <li>Break the code - even better - mend the code.  </li>
     114                <li>Add national language support in your own favo(u)rite language.</li>
     115                <li>Improve the driver in Clp to give more help etc</li>
     116              </ul>
     119              <p><b>Q: Is there any documentation for CLP?</b><br>
     120                A: Not much yet. For the user, there are very few
     121                knobs to twiddle anyway.  Just execute clp
     122                in the Clp directory and follow instructions.</p>
     125              <p><b>Q: What platforms does CLP run on?</b><br>
     126                A: CLP has been tested on:</p>
     127              <ul>
     128                <li>Linux using g++ V3.1.1.</li>
     129                <li>Windows using Microsoft Visual C++ V6</li>
     130                <li>AIX using xlC (not supported by current Makefile).</li>
     131              </ul>
    61135        <p>
    62           <a href="../faqs.html#CLP">General CLP FAQ</a>
     136          <!-- <a href="../faqs.html#CLP">General CLP FAQ</a> -->
    63137        </p>
    64138        </div>
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