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Modified to remove local reference to doxbookx.dtd file.
The reference is now where cygwin stores the file.

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[405]1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
[411]2<!DOCTYPE book SYSTEM "/usr/share/docbook-xml42/docbookx.dtd" [
[405]3  <!ENTITY authors SYSTEM "authors.xml">
[408]4  <!ENTITY legal SYSTEM "legal.xml">
[405]5  <!ENTITY intro SYSTEM "intro.xml">
6  <!ENTITY basicmodelclasses SYSTEM "basicmodelclasses.xml">
7  <!ENTITY notsobasic SYSTEM "notsobasic.xml">
8  <!ENTITY moresamples SYSTEM "moresamples.xml">
9  <!ENTITY clpexe SYSTEM "clpexe.xml">
10  <!ENTITY messages SYSTEM "messages.xml">
[408]11  <!ENTITY revhist SYSTEM "revhist.xml">
12  <!ENTITY doxygen SYSTEM "doxygen.xml">
14<book id="clpuserguide" lang="en">
16<title>CLP User Manual</title>
17  &authors;
[408]18  &legal;
20  &intro;
21  &basicmodelclasses;
22  &notsobasic;
23  &moresamples;
24  &clpexe;
25  &messages;
[408]26  &doxygen;
27  &revhist;
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