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[797]1NOTE: The information in this file might not yet include the changes introduced with the switch to the autotools.
[2]3To build Clp see INSTALL file
[225]5To use Clp you need the Clp and Coin libraries
[1088]7To make standalone executable do 'make Clp' in the Clp directory.
8This creates an executable clp in Clp/src.
[1088]10To run unitTest do 'make unitTest' in the Clp directory. This will
11do some minimal testing.
[1088]13To run clp on all netlib problems do 'make unitTest NETLIBDIR=<dirname>'
14dirname should be the path to the directory containing all the
15netlib files. If you have compiled Clp without zlib support then the
16files must be uncompressed.
[349]18Running clp gives you some hints.  It can do a unit test (clp -unitTest) and solve netlib
19problems (-netlib or -netlibp using primal).  It can also solve problems and set tolerances etc.  Just do
23and then try ? or setting various stuff.
[349]25clp filename   reads file, does presolve and dual algorithm
26clp filename -primalsimplex would use primal instead
[349]28On Linux clp can do file completion and line editing if it can find history, readline and termcap.. 
[64]30If you want to stress the code you can set various stuff e.g. dantzig pricing
31 and then go into netlib testing.  I do not guarantee that it will solve all
[102]32netlib if you get too creative.  For instance using presolve makes netlib
33solve faster - but pilot87 prefers a large infeasibility weight.  So
[102]35clp -presolve on -dualbound 1.0e10 -netlib
37works well.
[349]39There are samples in ./Samples.  To create an executable - testit do
[349]41make DRIVER=minimum to use minimum.cpp
[349]43or whichever driver you want.  A list is in Makefile.
45Three useful samples are:
[64]47minimum.cpp  This is the simplest possible program to read an mps file.
[64]49defaults.cpp.  This does not do much more, but it does it in much more
50complicated way by specifically setting defaults so it does give more
51useful information.  It also prints a solution in a format "similar" to that
52of MPSX.
54presolve.cpp.  This is a good driver for larger problems.
56Other ones can get complicated so start simple and work your way up.
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