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1To build Clp see INSTALL file
3To use Clp you need the Clp and Osi libraries
5To make the unitTest and standalone executable do
7make unitTest in this directory.  This creates an executable clp.
9Running clp gives you some hints.  It can do a unit test and solve netlib
10problems.  It can also solve problems and set tolerances etc.  Just do
12clp -
14and then try ? or setting various stuff.
16On Linux clp can do file completion and line editing. 
18If you want to stress the code you can set various stuff e.g. dantzig pricing
19 and then go into netlib testing.  I do not guarantee that it will solve all
20netlib if you get too creative.
22There will be samples in ./Samples.  Use the corresponding Makefile to
23create an executable - testit.
25At present there are only two useful samples.
27minimum.cpp  This is the simplest possible program to read an mps file.
28defaults.cpp.  This does not do much more, but it does it in much more
29complicated way by specifically setting defaults so it does give more
30useful information.  It also prints a solution in a format "similar" to that
31of MPSX.
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