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1<html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"><title>Appendix A. FAQ</title><meta name="generator" content="DocBook XSL Stylesheets V1.65.1"><link rel="home" href="index.html" title="CLP User Manual"><link rel="up" href="index.html" title="CLP User Manual"><link rel="previous" href="ch06.html" title="Chapter 6. 
2  Messages
3  "><link rel="next" href="apb.html" title="Appendix B. Doxygen"></head><body bgcolor="white" text="black" link="#0000FF" vlink="#840084" alink="#0000FF"><div class="navheader"><table width="100%" summary="Navigation header"><tr><th colspan="3" align="center">Appendix A. FAQ</th></tr><tr><td width="20%" align="left"><a accesskey="p" href="ch06.html">Prev</a> </td><th width="60%" align="center"> </th><td width="20%" align="right"> <a accesskey="n" href="apb.html">Next</a></td></tr></table><hr></div><div class="appendix" lang="en"><div class="titlepage"><div><div><h2 class="title"><a name="id4768528"></a>Appendix A. FAQ</h2></div></div><div></div></div><div class="qandaset"><dl><dt>Q: <a href="apa.html#id4768607">
4  What is CLP?
5  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="apa.html#id4768566">
6  What are some of the features of CLP?
7  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="apa.html#id4769481">
8  The barrier method sounds interesting, what are some of the details?
9  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="apa.html#id4769507">
10  How do I obtain and install CLP?
11  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="apa.html#id4769543">
12  Is CLP reliable?
13  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="apa.html#id4769570">
14  On which platforms does CLP run?   
15  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="apa.html#id4769621">
16  Is there any documentation for CLP? 
17  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="apa.html#id4769654">
18  Is CLP as fast as OSL?
19  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="apa.html#id4769675">
20  When will version 1.0 of CLP be available? 
21  </a></dt><dt>Q: <a href="apa.html#id4769707">
22  What can the community do to help?
23  </a></dt></dl><table border="0" summary="Q and A Set"><col align="left" width="1%"><tbody><tr class="question"><td align="left" valign="top"><a name="id4768607"></a><a name="id4768609"></a><b>Q:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
24  What is <a href="" target="_top">CLP</a>?
25  </p></td></tr><tr class="answer"><td align="left" valign="top"><b>A:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
26  (DN 08/27/04) The <a href="" target="_top">COIN-OR</a> LP code
27  is designed to be a high quality Simplex code provided under the terms of the
28  <a href="" target="_top">Common Public License</a>.
29  CLP is written in C++, and is primarily intended to be used as a callable
30  library (though a rudimentary stand-alone executable exists).
31  The first release was version .90.  The current release is version .99.8.
32  </p></td></tr><tr class="question"><td align="left" valign="top"><a name="id4768566"></a><a name="id4768569"></a><b>Q:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
33  What are some of the features of CLP?
34  </p></td></tr><tr class="answer"><td align="left" valign="top"><b>A:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
35  (DN 08/27/04) CLP includes primal and dual Simplex solvers.  Both dual and primal algorithms
36  can use matrix storage methods provided by the user (0-1 and network matrices
37  already supported in addition the default sparse matrix). The dual algorithm
38  has Dantzig and Steepest edge row pivot choices and new ones may be provided by
39  the user. The same is true for the column pivot choice of the primal algorithm.
40  The primal can also use a non linear cost which should work for piecewise
41  linear convex functions.  CLP also includes a barrier method for solving LPs.
42  </p></td></tr><tr class="question"><td align="left" valign="top"><a name="id4769481"></a><a name="id4769483"></a><b>Q:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
43  The barrier method sounds interesting, what are some of the details?
44  </p></td></tr><tr class="answer"><td align="left" valign="top"><b>A:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
45  (DN 08/30/04) The CLP barrier method solves convex QPs as well as LPs. In
46  general, a barrier method requires implementation of the algorithm, as
47  well as a fast Cholesky factorization.  CLP provides the algorithm, and is
48  expected to have a reasonable factorization implementation by the release of
49  CLP version 1.0.  However, the sparse factorization requires a good ordering
50  algorithm, which the user is expected to provide the ordering code, and
51  perhaps a better factorization code as well.
52  </p></td></tr><tr class="question"><td align="left" valign="top"><a name="id4769507"></a><a name="id4769509"></a><b>Q:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
53  How do I obtain and install CLP?
54  </p></td></tr><tr class="answer"><td align="left" valign="top"><b>A:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
55  (DN 08/27/04) Please see the
56  <a href="" target="_top">COIN-OR FAQ</a>
57  for details on how to
58  <a href="" target="_top">obtain</a>
59  and
60  <a href="" target="_top">install</a>
61  COIN-OR modules.
62  </p></td></tr><tr class="question"><td align="left" valign="top"><a name="id4769543"></a><a name="id4769546"></a><b>Q:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
63  Is CLP reliable?
64  </p></td></tr><tr class="answer"><td align="left" valign="top"><b>A:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
65  (DN 08/27/04) CLP has been tested on many problems of up to 1.5 million constraints and has
66  shown itself as reliable as OSL. It is also being tested in the context of
67  <a href="" target="_top">SBB</a>, but more testing
68  is needed before it can get to version 1.0.
69  </p></td></tr><tr class="question"><td align="left" valign="top"><a name="id4769570"></a><a name="id4769572"></a><b>Q:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
70  On which platforms does CLP run?   
71  </p></td></tr><tr class="answer"><td align="left" valign="top"><b>A:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
72  (DN 08/27/04) CLP compiles and has been tested (to varying degrees) on the following
73  platforms:
74  </p><div class="itemizedlist"><ul type="disc"><li><p>
75  Linux using g++ version 3.1.1 (or later).
76  </p></li><li><p>
77  Windows using Microsoft Visual C++ 6
78  </p></li><li><p>
79  Windows using cygwin
80  </p></li><li><p>
81  AIX using xIC (not supported in the current Makefile)
82  </p></li></ul></div></td></tr><tr class="question"><td align="left" valign="top"><a name="id4769621"></a><a name="id4769623"></a><b>Q:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
83  Is there any documentation for CLP? 
84  </p></td></tr><tr class="answer"><td align="left" valign="top"><b>A:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
85  (DN 08/27/04) A User Guide should be available in time for the release of version 1.0 of CLP.
86  Also available is a list of
87  <a href="" target="_top">CLP class descriptions</a>.
88  More on CLP documentation is available on the
89  <a href="" target="_top">CLP documentation webpage</a>.
90  </p></td></tr><tr class="question"><td align="left" valign="top"><a name="id4769654"></a><a name="id4769657"></a><b>Q:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
91  Is CLP as fast as OSL?
92  </p></td></tr><tr class="answer"><td align="left" valign="top"><b>A:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
93   (DN 08/27/04) It uses sparse techniques designed for very large problems. The design
94   criteria were for it not to be too slow. Some speed has been sacrificed
95   to make the code less opaque than OSL (not difficult!).
96  </p></td></tr><tr class="question"><td align="left" valign="top"><a name="id4769675"></a><a name="id4769677"></a><b>Q:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
97  When will version 1.0 of CLP be available? 
98  </p></td></tr><tr class="answer"><td align="left" valign="top"><b>A:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
99  (DN 08/27/04) It is expected that version 1.0 will be released in time for the 2004
100  <a href="" target="_top">INFORMS</a>
101  <a href="" target="_top">Annual Meeting</a>
102  (24-27 October, 2004).
103  </p></td></tr><tr class="question"><td align="left" valign="top"><a name="id4769707"></a><a name="id4769709"></a><b>Q:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
104  What can the community do to help?
105  </p></td></tr><tr class="answer"><td align="left" valign="top"><b>A:</b></td><td align="left" valign="top"><p>
106  (DN 08/27/04) A lot!  A good first step would be to join the CLP
107  <a href="" target="_top">mailing lists</a>.  Some
108  other possibilities:
109  </p><div class="itemizedlist"><ul type="disc"><li><p>
110  Comment on the design
111  </p></li><li><p>
112  Break the code, or better yet, mend it.
113  </p></li><li><p>
114  Add non-English language support in your own favo(u)rite language.
115  </p></li><li><p>
116  Improve the Clp executable
117  </p></li><li><p>
118  Etc.
119  </p></li></ul></div></td></tr></tbody></table></div></div><div class="navfooter"><hr><table width="100%" summary="Navigation footer"><tr><td width="40%" align="left"><a accesskey="p" href="ch06.html">Prev</a> </td><td width="20%" align="center"><a accesskey="u" href="index.html">Up</a></td><td width="40%" align="right"> <a accesskey="n" href="apb.html">Next</a></td></tr><tr><td width="40%" align="left" valign="top">Chapter 6. 
120  Messages
121   </td><td width="20%" align="center"><a accesskey="h" href="index.html">Home</a></td><td width="40%" align="right" valign="top"> Appendix B. Doxygen</td></tr></table></div></body></html>
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