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Below you find soon to be outdated instructions on how to build Clp from the Subversion source.


Clp (Coin-or linear programming) is an open-source linear programming solver written in C++. It is primarily meant to be used as a callable library, but a basic, stand-alone executable version is also available. It is designed to find solutions of mathematical optimization problems of the from

min ctx
such that:

rowlower_bound <= Ax <= rowupper_bound
columnlower_bound <= x <= columnupper_bound


Clp is written in C++ and is released as open source code under the Eclipse Public License (EPL). It is available from the COIN-OR initiative. The code is written primarily by John J. Forrest, now retired from IBM Research. The project is currently managed by John Forrest, Julian Hall, and the rest of the Clp team.

The latest stable version is Clp-latest-stable.png.
The latest release version is Clp-latest-release.png.

You can obtain the Clp source code either via subversion or in form of nightly generated tarballs. The recommended method is to use subversion because it makes it easier to obtain updates. The following commands may be used to obtain and build Clp from the source code using subversion:

  1. svn co coin-Clp
  2. cd coin-Clp
  3. ./configure -C
  4. make
  5. make test
  6. make install

Step 1 issues the subversion command to obtain the source code. Alternatively one can obtain the source code from the tarball directory, and down loading a file of the form Clp_YYYYMMMDD.tgz.

Step 3 runs a configure script that generates the make file.

Step 4 builds the Clp library and executable program.

Step 5 builds and runs the Clp unit test program.

Step 6 Installs libraries, executables and header files in directories coin-Clp/lib, coin-Clp/bin and coin-Clp/include.

The BuildTools project has additional details on down loading, building, and installing.

The MSVisualStudio project has information about building on Windows in the Microsoft Development Studio.

The Binary project provides a downloadable binary distributions of Clp.

Clp is available in Debian and Ubuntu.

Included Projects

If you download the Clp package, you get these additional projects.

Doxygen Documentation

If you have Doxygen available, you can build the html documentation by typing

make doxydoc

in the directory coin-Clp. Then open the file coin-Clp/doxydoc/html/index.html with a browser. Note that this creates the documentation for the Clp package. If you prefer to generate the documentation only for a subset of these projects, you can edit the file coin-Clp/doxydoc/doxygen.conf to exclude directories (using the EXCLUDE variable, for example).

If Doxygen is not available, you can use the link to the Clp html documentation listed below.


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