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COIN-OR Cut Generation Library

The COIN-OR Cut Generation Library (CGL) is a collection of cutting planes, or "cut generators" that can be used with other COIN-OR native tools that make use of cuts.

Each cut generator is it's own project, with it's own project manager.

CGL FAQs: <under construction - your input welcome!>

COIN-OR home page:

And now for the real TODO…

  • From the main page you should have links
    • COIN-OR Initiative
    • to a FAQ page
    • Download and installation instructions
      A note here: tarballs will be created as before.
      For standalone projects checking out the latest version (not a branch) of project Foo is fine and should be done by
      svn checkout Foo
      For projects that depend on other projects in COIN (like Clp) checking out the latest version (not a branch) of project Foo should be done by
      svn checkout Coin-Foo
      (The reason to check things out into a directory named Coin-Foo is that a subdirectory named Foo will be created within, and Foo/Foo? looks weird :-)
    • License
    • Hints and Tricks
    • Detailed class descriptions page (if there's one for your project)
    • Mailing lists
    • Papers
    • Presentations
    • Anything else you might like...

You should also encourage readers to correct typos and extend the pages to make them more informative.

A good starting point for these pages is the current COIN-OR website. Just copy&paste whatever you find useful there.


Edit this page to make it more useful...