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    5959== Download and Installation Instructions ==
    60 Tarballs will be created as before.[[BR]]
    61 [[BR]]
     60Cgl is written in C++ and is released as open source code under the [ Common Public License (CPL)].  It is available from the [ COIN-OR initiative]. 
    63 For standalone projects checking out the latest version (not a branch) of project Foo is fine and should be done by
    64 {{{
    65 svn checkout Foo
    66 }}}
    67 [[BR]]
     62You can obtain the Osi source code either via subversion or in form of nightly generated tarballs.  The recommended method is to use subversion because it makes it easier to obtain updates. The following commands may be used to obtain and build Cbc from the source code using subversion:
     63 1. svn co `` coin-Cgl
     64 1. cd coin-Cgl
     65 1. ./configure -C
     66 1. make
     67 1. make test
     68 1. make install
    69      For projects that depend on other projects in COIN (like Clp) checking out the latest version (not a branch) of project Foo should be done by
    70 {{{
    71 svn checkout Coin-Foo
    72 }}}
    73      (The reason to check things out into a directory named Coin-Foo is that a subdirectory named Foo will be created within, and Foo/Foo looks weird :-) [[BR]]
     70Step 1 issues the subversion command to obtain the source code.  Alternatively one can obtain the source code from the [ tarball directory], and down loading a file of the form Cgl_YYYYMMMDD.tgz.
     72Step 3 runs a configure script that generates the make file.
     74Step 4 builds the Cgl library and executable program.
     76Step 5 builds and runs the Cgl unit test program.
     78Step 6 Installs libraries, executables and header files in directories coin-Cgl/lib, coin-Cgl/bin and coin-Cgl/include.
    7580 == Hints and Tricks ==