Contributor: Robin Lougee-Heimer
Maintainer: Robin Lougee-Heimer, robinlh@…


CglSimpleRounding generates "simple rounding cuts" (described below). The main purpose of this cut is to provide a simple example of how to write a cut generator to would-be developers.

CglSimpleRounding generators simple rounding cuts via the following method:

  • For each contraint, attempt to derive a <= inequality in all integer variables by netting out any continuous variables.
  • Divide the resulting integer inequality through by the greatest common denomimator (gcd) of the lhs coefficients.

  • Round down the rhs.

See Nemhauser and Wolsey, Integer and Combinatorial Optimization, 1988, p. 211.


  1. Meant as an example. Not expected to be computationally useful.
  2. Warning: Use with careful attention to data precision.

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