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(edit) @30   3 years stefan cleanup projDesc.xml - point to github - mark as inactive
(edit) @29   3 years stefan add COIN-OR project description file from conf/ to trunk/.coin-or
(edit) @28   6 years lou Add projectShortDescription; other mods to facilitate automated …
(edit) @27   7 years lou Enforce schema; groom data.
(edit) @26   11 years hpwalton Fixed bad node iterator reference.
(edit) @25   11 years hpwalton Updated source to build with MSVC10. Also added pragmas to make some …
(edit) @24   11 years hpwalton updated to work with g++ 4.4.3 Forced a partial rewrite to DynNet? due …
(edit) @23   12 years hpwalton Removed superfluous semi-colons and added the fix for the comparison …
(edit) @22   13 years hpwalton Updated email address
(edit) @21   14 years tkr Updating XML file
(edit) @20   14 years tkr Updating XML file
(edit) @19   14 years tkr Adding project XML file
(edit) @18   14 years hpwalton Fixed an interaction bug with local defined iterator. Arc iterator in …
(edit) @17   14 years hpwalton missed a default constructor
(edit) @16   14 years hpwalton Corner case bug fixes.
(edit) @15   14 years hpwalton Fixed disjoint set union. It was not correct. Would work in small …
(edit) @14   15 years hpwalton
(edit) @13   15 years hpwalton Updated comments and tests.
(edit) @12   15 years hpwalton
(edit) @11   15 years hpwalton Updates for Linux compiler.
(edit) @10   15 years hpwalton Added new solver
(edit) @9   15 years hpwalton Fixed some doxygen setup and output
(edit) @8   15 years hpwalton DIMACS format reader ported for Linux gcc3.x
(edit) @7   15 years hpwalton Added dimacs MCF problem reader and cleaned up test program output. …
(edit) @6   15 years hpwalton Added a DIMACS reader for MCF problems. Tightened up output on test …
(edit) @5   15 years hpwalton Added facilities to print any graph to 'dot' format.
(edit) @4   15 years hpwalton updates to the MSVC v8 project paths, ports to gcc 3.x
(edit) @3   15 years hpwalton Added StaticFBNet to the graph collections, and significantly updated …
(edit) @2   15 years hpwalton Adding MSVisualStudio project
(add) @1   15 years coin Initial import
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