This is a work in progress.

Many people ( well at least 2) use Cbc as a stand-alone program or by using the main part of cbc from their driver - see Cbc/examples/driver4.cpp or Cbc/test/gamstest.cpp. Over the course of this year Anno Domini 2009, I (John Forrest) intend to illuminate some of the options that are available in order to help people get the most out of Cbc. I intend that there will be two main sections. One will go through the options one by one and try and explain what they do. The other would be more themed (that may not be an English word, but I am sure it is an American word) and concentrate on a broader topic. For example, my first theme will be the very good Heuristic invented by Fischetti and Lodi - the Feasibility Pump. Some users (at least 2) just use this heuristic and don't want to do branch and cut at all.

Please tell me (jjforre@…) what you want to learn about.

Feasibility Pump

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