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    1515Cbc is developed by [ John Forrest], now retired from IBM Research. The project is currently managed by John Forrest, [ Ted Ralphs], and the rest of the [CbcTeam Cbc team].
    17 -------------
     17== Supported Platforms ==
     19 * GNU/Linux (gcc, 32- and 64-bit)
     20 * Microsoft Windows
     21    * CYGWIN (w/ gcc and cl compilers, 32- and 64-bit)
     22    * MinGW (w/ gcc and cl compilers, 32- and 64-bit)
     23    * Visual C++
     24 * Mac OSX (gcc and clang)
     26== Testing Status ==
     28Travis-CI (OS X and Linux) [[br]]
     29[[Image(]] [[br]]
     30Appveyor (Windows) [[br]]
     33== Download and Install ==
     35 * '''Linux''': On Debian, Cbc has recently become available in the package {{{coinor-cbc}}} and can be installed with apt. On Fedora, Cbc is available in the package {{{coin-or-Cbc}}}. Pre-compiled binaries are also available as part of the [  COIN-OR Optimization Suite].
     36 * '''Windows''': The easiest way to get Cbc on Windows is to download the Windows installer for the [  COIN Optimization Suite], which provides Visual Studio compatible libraries and binaries. Binary archives are also available for other Windows platforms, such as MinGW and CYGWIN.
     37 * '''OS X''': The easiest way to get Cbc on OSX is through Homebrew (recipe should be available soon). When the recipe is ready, it will be installable with {{{brew install cbc}}}.
     39Due to license incompatibilities, pre-compiled binaries lack some functionality. If binaries are not available for your platform for the latest version and you would like to request them to be built and posted, feel free to let us know on the mailing list.
     41'''Source code''' can be obtained either by
     43 * Downloading a snapshot of the source code for the latest release version of Cbc from the [ Cbc source code download page], or
     44 * Checking out the latest stable source using a subversion client.
     45 * Checking out the code from [ Github]
     47The recommended method is to use subversion because it makes it easier to obtain updates. Below are some quick start guides for building on common platforms. '''More detailed build instructions are [BuildAndInstall here].'''
     49'''Quick Start Guide for Unix-like Environments'''
     51In a Unix-like environment (such as Linux or CYGWIN), the following commands may be used to obtain and build Cbc from source using either SVN or git in most cases. For SVN, do
     53svn checkout Cbc-2.9.8
     54cd Cbc-2.9.8
     56For git do
     58git clone --branch=stable/2.9 Cbc-2.9
     59cd Cbc-2.9
     60git clone --branch=stable/0.8
     61BuildTools/get.dependencies fetch
     63Finally, do
     67make install
     69Optionally, once could also execute {{{make test}}} to run Cbc's unit test.
     71'''Quick Start Guide for Microsoft Visual C++ Users'''
     73For Microsoft Visual C++ users, there are project files for version 10 available in the MSVisualStudio directory. First, obtain the source code using either a Windows subversion client (see the [ COIN-OR FAQ]) or download a snapshot. In MSVC++ Version 10, open the solution file (this should be converted to whatever version of MSVC+ you are using) and build the Cbc project. The code should build out of the box with default settings.
     75It is also possible to build Cbc with the Visual Studio compiler from the command line using the procedure for Unix-like environments, using the Msys2 shell or CYGWIN. This is the recommended and best-supported way of building Cbc in Windows.
    1977== News ==