Success Stories and Active Work of Cbc Users

Using Cbc? Tell us about it. This section is intended for people to describe their successes using Cbc. Althought Cbc has been around awhile and is widely use, this page just started on June 6, 2007. Please feel free to contribute successes, past or present, and for any version of Cbc.

If you are using Cbc, please add some comments about your application to the Wiki page. We are all eager to hear about Cbc, its Applications, and its Users. Please have a look here to see how to edit this Wiki page. If you have a publication about work that uses Cbc, please add a reference here.

Cbc is used in Mathematica

Cbc is part of the most recent release of Mathematica (Version 6.0.). It is the only MILP code in Mathematica. Linear integer programming problems in Mathematica are solved using Cbc which calls Clp, for example

FindMinimum[{x+y, x+2y<=2&&x>=0&&x\[Element]Integers},{x,y}]

will call Cbc and Clp.

Cbc is used at Yahoo Research

Yahoo! Inc. ( is one of the world's largest global online networks of integrated services and advertising on the Web is big business. Ralphe Wiggins and John Tomlin (Yahoo Research) formulated an optimization model for setting bid levels in auctions for placement of certain types of graphical advertisements on web pages. Their model is non-convex, but they were able to obtain optimal or near-optimal solutions rapidly using the COIN-Or Cut and Branch Solver. See

Cbc is used for Machine Translation

Cbc has been used for the problem of word alignment in the following paper:

  1. Schoenemann, Computing Optimal Alignments for the IBM-3 translation model, CoNLL, Uppsala, Sweden, 2010.
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