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updated address

October 29, 2009

The TLC will meet by teleconference on October 29, 2009 at 1:00 PM EDT. To join the teleconference, call 877-421-0038 and use passcode 2646852 (COINTLC).


  1. Scheduling of Watson meeting
  2. Creation of branch in Cbc repository
    • What version should we branch from?
    • How/when should we plan to merge changes back?
    • Who needs write access?
    • Do we have CSROs for all participants?
  3. Creation of a new Trac project page: COR@L or COIN?
  4. Initial steps (see below)

Phase I

  1. Determine IBM's support
    • Brenda Deitrict
    • John Forrest
      • Liaison? (Laci, Robin, David?)
      • Additional team member from IBM?
      • Coordination issues
    • Funding issues?
    • Meeting in December
  2. Administrative
    • Collect team contact info
    • Conference calls
    • Project management
    • Scoping of work
    • Assigning roles and tasks
    • Task manager
    • Recruit student(s)?
  3. Technical
    • Setup internal wiki page
    • Public project web page/blog?
    • Select chatting system (google?)
    • Online interactive collaboration tools
  4. Code preparation
    • Source file list table (Bjarni)
    • Create new branch/project (Matt)
    • Initial code cleanup
    • select software (astyle, emacs?)
      • Indentation/spacing
      • Add Lou's comments

Phase II

  1. No functional changes to the code!
  2. Break objects into separate files
  3. Break up too long methods
    • nested for loops
    • long while loops
    • large switch/case statements
  4. Define separately "magic" numbers
  5. documentation of files/objects/methods
  6. write test suite (Bill)
  7. Merge with John Forrest (cbc 2.4)

Phase III

  1. Code modularization
  2. Break out Heuristics, etc.
  3. Break apart CLP/CBC
  4. Call solvers through OSI
  5. Merge to other projects (CHiPPS?)

Contact Information

  1. Ted Ralphs, tkr2(at), skype: tkralphs
  2. John J. Forrest, jjforre(at), skype: john.forrest
  3. Laszlo Ladanyi, ladanyi(at), skype: laszloladanyi
  4. David L. Jensen, davjen(at), skype:
  5. Lou Hafer, lou(at), skype:
  6. Bjarni Kristjansson, bjarni(at), google: same email, skype: bjarnimax, bjarniuk, bjarniice
  7. William E. Hart, wehart(at), skype:
  8. Cynthia A. Phillips, caphill(at), skype:
  9. Jean-Paul Watson, jwatson(at), skype:
  10. Daniel Fylstra, daniel(at), google: daniel.fylstra(at), skype: dfylstra
  11. Edwin Straver, edwin(at), google: edwin.straver.1(at), skype: edwin-straver