Apr 10, 2008:

3:08 PM Changeset [914] by ladanyi
result of run_autotools
2:38 PM Changeset [913] by ladanyi
files added to the vcproj files
1:55 PM Changeset [912] by ladanyi
Incorporated changes from branches/heur
11:56 AM Changeset [911] by ladanyi
11:55 AM Changeset [910] by ladanyi
change usage of pow() and log() to appease MSVC++
11:53 AM Changeset [909] by ladanyi
added new files to the MSVC++ project files

Apr 9, 2008:

5:38 PM Changeset [908] by jpgoncal
Ran autotools and configure changed/
3:35 PM Changeset [907] by jpgoncal
Add new files.
3:02 PM Changeset [906] by jpgoncal
Merged with changes done in trunk
5:25 AM Ticket #48 (About linking the last stable version (or trunk) with AMPL) created by fred
Hello, i successfully make CBC work with AMPL under windows (from the …
1:57 AM Changeset [905] by ladanyi
include cstdlib before cmath to get things to compile on AIX with xlC …
1:37 AM Changeset [904] by ladanyi
include cstdlib before cmath to get things to compile on AIX with xlC

Apr 7, 2008:

4:51 AM Changeset [903] by forrest
exit faster if no columns and mods for threads

Mar 28, 2008:

4:10 PM Changeset [902] by jpgoncal
The order of the diving heuristics is now correct.

Mar 17, 2008:

3:33 PM Changeset [901] by jpgoncal
latest version with random choice.
10:15 AM Changeset [900] by forrest
fix bug noted by Francois
10:06 AM Changeset [899] by forrest
fix bugs pointed out by Francois

Mar 15, 2008:

3:43 PM Ticket #47 (Deletion of object referenced later) created by fmargot
in CbcModel::convertToDynamic() in file CbcModel.cpp line 6943 …
2:18 PM Ticket #46 (Incorrect conversion to dynamic pseudo cost) created by fmargot
In file CbcBranchActual.cpp 1149 …

Mar 12, 2008:

11:12 PM Changeset [898] by ladanyi
fixed previousBranch() for a couple of branching object types. still …
4:57 PM Changeset [897] by ladanyi
evenly distributed heur invocation doesn't crash

Mar 11, 2008:

5:52 PM Changeset [896] by ladanyi
added debug info
2:56 PM Changeset [895] by jpgoncal
Store branching object in CbcNOdeInfo.
1:48 PM Changeset [894] by jpgoncal
1:41 PM Changeset [893] by jpgoncal
Added function to print info.
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