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#77 cbc 2.2.2: Assertion fail in ClpSimplexDual::updateDualsInDual() component1 defect Apr 28, 2009

We run cbc 2.2.2 on linux. CBC is configured with --enable-debug, compiled with gcc 4.1.2. Starting cbc on miplib2003::arkin001.mps with "-rins on -import ~/arki001.mps -branchandC" we receive an assertion:

cbcd: ClpSimplexDual?.cpp:1957: int ClpSimplexDual::updateDualsInDual(CoinIndexedVector?*, CoinIndexedVector?*, CoinIndexedVector?*, double, double&, bool): Assertion `fabs(movement)<1.0e30' failed.

This occurs after about 112000 nodes.

I've attached a file containing screenoutput, call-stack and info about gcc and cbc

Let me know if you need more information

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#86 Problem with SOS component1 defect Jan 10, 2010

Cbc dos not handle special odered sets in MPS form. The error seems to be trapped, but the exit (on Windows/cl) is not very graceful. The output produced follows:

\..\..\vpath\bin\cbc sos2-exB.mps Coin Cbc and Clp Solver version 2.3.0, build Oct 9 2009 command line - ..\..\..\vpath\bin\cbc sos2-exB.mps (default strategy 1) At line 5 NAME SOS2-ex At line 6 ROWS At line 10 COLUMNS code sos etc later

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.

I attach the input file.

#89 example where cbc does not find global optimum component1 defect Apr 16, 2010

In the following example, I get a feasible solution with cbc (the command line version cbcSolver) which is suboptimal. If I use the minimum.cpp call instead, cbc does find the optimum, however takes significantly longer time.

The example consists of the following files: (1) example.mps : the problem definition (2) example_cbc_found1.txt : the solution found by cbc (3) example_cbc_found.txt : again the same solution in a different format (sparse matrix format where line 1 contains numrows numcols 0, and each further line contains i j A[i,j]) (4) example_optimum.txt : the optimum in sparse matrix format (5) otherexample.mps : a very similar (even slightly larger) example where cbc does find the global optimum

I get the problem with different versions of cbc, e.g. 2.3.2. and 2.4.1. Many thanks for looking into this! Jan.

#123 CBC.exe produces an "optimal" IP solution that violates a BigM constraint - a scaling problem? Cbc defect Feb 24, 2012

An OpenSolver? user has sent me a spreadsheet that has some large BigM values. Solving with these large values leads CBC.exe to return a solution reported as optimal that violates at least 1 constraint. Reducing the BigM by a factor of 100 produces a new, now feasible solution.

I have attached (1) Sue's Model - CBC gives wrong answer.txt My summary of the issue (2) model2.lp and modelsolution2.txt Original Input and solution showing the violated constraint (3) model.lp and modelsolution.txt Modified input (smaller BigM) and a new solution that does not violate the modified constraint

Please contact me if you need any more information.

Thanks, Andrew

#161 Wrong optimum with files from MIPLIB2010 Cbc defect Feb 17, 2015

I use cbc (2.9.2) compiled with internal BLAS and internal LAPACK and with the parallel option enabled.

With files from MIPLIB2010 and using 4 or 8 threads, I get the following wrong results :

  • lectsched-1.mps, lectsched-2.mps, lectsched-3.mps and lectsched-4-obj.mps gives each "infeasible".
  • mik-250-1-100-1.mps gives the right optimum 50% of the time, giving a wrong optimum the other times.
  • ofi gives the wrong optimum "12768339254.94019508".

#164 Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 Cbc defect Aug 5, 2015

I have been using successfully CBC for many years. However, I tried to install version 2.9.5 using Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 unsuccessfully. There will be an update to include these new developments? Thank you.

#92 parameter for time measurement (feature request) enhancement Apr 17, 2010

Since the time limit is used as cpu-time it is measured 4 times when using 4 threads which leads to a usage of about a quarter of the user intended time limit. This leads to problems with time limiting and also makes fair comparison with other solvers quite hard. Therefore it would be useful, give the user a parameter to choose the way the time is measured.

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