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(edit) @2245   3 years unxusr fix buffer overflow
(edit) @2244   3 years tkr Changing order of Dependencies
(edit) @2243   3 years tkr Updating .travis.yml for new version of build script
(edit) @2242   3 years tkr Installing gfortran properly on OS X images for Travis testing
(edit) @2241   3 years tkr Allowing failures on OSX until we work out the issues
(edit) @2240   3 years tkr Adding fortran requirement to .travis.yml
(edit) @2239   3 years tkr Adding Travis Widget
(edit) @2237   3 years unxusr store originalColumns info in CbcModel? after preprocess
(edit) @2236   3 years tkr Adding preliminary .travis.yml
(edit) @2234   3 years forrest fix null problem bug
(edit) @2232   3 years forrest relax assert with deterministic threads
(edit) @2228   3 years forrest null out pointer
(edit) @2222   3 years tkr Change log for new relase
(edit) @2221   3 years tkr Change log for new relase
(edit) @2220   3 years forrest fix if bestSolution exists - no duplicate integers
(edit) @2218   3 years tkr Updating READMEs
(edit) @2216   3 years forrest fix bug in greedy heuristic
(edit) @2215   3 years unxusr proper translation of mipstart variables to preprocessed model and use …
(edit) @2211   3 years unxusr zero half cuts default parameter promoted from off to ifmove
(edit) @2210   3 years forrest fix hotstart
(edit) @2207   3 years stefan move Node class and some additional class from CbcSymmetry?.hpp into …
(edit) @2205   3 years stefan don't make existence of CbcModel? members depend on whether …
(edit) @2204   3 years stefan have configure flags to enable nauty use (CbcSymmetry?); disable …
(edit) @2203   3 years forrest Positive Edge in Cbc
(edit) @2201   3 years stefan have assert active only if not NDEBUG; remove workaround, bug should …
(edit) @2200   4 years forrest add changes from stable
(edit) @2198   4 years unxusr remove assert not needed anymore
(edit) @2192   4 years stefan workaround invalid read issue with whichGenerator_
(edit) @2190   4 years stefan fix place where to add info on generator; add assert to point out an …
(edit) @2188   4 years stefan resize whichGenerator_ when many cuts are generated
(edit) @2185   4 years stefan take out abort in CbcModel::makeGlobalCut(const OsiColCut?*) - follows …
(edit) @2184   4 years stefan take out call to setPriorities() at end of copy constructor - fixes …
(edit) @2181   4 years forrest fix error after proximity search
(edit) @2178   4 years tkr Updating the CHANGELOG
(edit) @2169   4 years tkr Updating for doxygen targets
(edit) @2168   4 years tkr Re-running autotools after doxygen update
(edit) @2167   4 years tkr Re-running the autotools after adding doxygen targets
(edit) @2166   4 years forrest try and fix thread exit segfault
(edit) @2164   4 years forrest fix for when heuristics too good - Cbc says infeasible
(edit) @2163   4 years unxusr fix MIPStart when preprocessed model is empty
(edit) @2161   4 years forrest big bug in rounding
(edit) @2159   4 years tkr Further updates to README
(edit) @2157   4 years tkr Updating READMEs
(edit) @2152   4 years forrest fix priorityin file
(edit) @2151   4 years forrest allow for automatically weakening some cuts
(edit) @2148   4 years tkr Installing CbcParam?.hpp
(edit) @2147   4 years tkr Installing CbcParam?.hpp
(edit) @2146   4 years forrest improve solution checking
(edit) @2144   4 years forrest fix blank typo
(edit) @2141   4 years tkr Updating READMEs
(edit) @2139   4 years tkr Updating README
(edit) @2138   4 years tkr Adding README in markdown format for github
(edit) @2137   4 years unxusr MIPStart fixes
(edit) @2133   4 years forrest allow one heuristic seed
(edit) @2128   4 years forrest fix sos before integers in dive
(edit) @2126   4 years tkr Re-running the autotools to fix bug related to dependency linking
(edit) @2125   4 years forrest out %x
(edit) @2122   4 years forrest fix elapsed time in subproblems?
(edit) @2121   4 years tkr Patching to work with DESTDIR
(edit) @2120   4 years tkr Pathing to work with DESTDIR
(edit) @2113   4 years tkr restoring Cbc/trunk
(edit) @2111   4 years tkr temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @2110   4 years tkr Make sure number of rows is not zero in rounding heuristic
(edit) @2109   4 years tkr Updating externals and re-running autotools
(edit) @2108   4 years forrest out openblas serialization
(edit) @2107   4 years forrest somehow blas can go paralllel - I think this fixes
(edit) @2106   4 years forrest take out xxx ? 0 : 0
(edit) @2105   4 years forrest mostly reporting options plus a few tweaks
(edit) @2104   4 years forrest fix assert
(edit) @2103   4 years tkr Fix for missing usleep with MSVC. See r2004 in Clp
(edit) @2101   4 years forrest minor print change to diving
(edit) @2100   4 years forrest fix from stable + fix in analyze
(edit) @2097   4 years forrest try and improve memory leaks (and clean up Clp pthread build problem)
(edit) @2096   4 years forrest fix lack of threads
(edit) @2095   4 years forrest mingw64 COIN_HAS_CLP not defined
(edit) @2094   4 years forrest for memory leaks and heuristics and some experimental stuff
(edit) @2093   4 years forrest changes for diving heuristic
(edit) @2092   4 years forrest symmetry and diving
(edit) @2091   4 years mlubin Update outdated comment
(edit) @2090   4 years mlubin workaround for old MSVC compilers, thanks Victor Zverovich
(edit) @2089   4 years mlubin include stdlib.h for malloc(), thanks Victor Zverovich
(edit) @2087   4 years forrest fix multiple solver conflict abort
(edit) @2086   4 years forrest fix sign in ampl
(edit) @2083   4 years forrest modify is... meanings
(edit) @2081   4 years forrest zerohalf thread safety plus restart with deterministic parallel
(edit) @2080   4 years forrest changes for non simplex solvers
(edit) @2078   4 years forrest make message handlers threadsafer (also modify multiple root solver)
(edit) @2076   4 years forrest modify isProven
(edit) @2074   4 years forrest make zerohalf work with threads
(edit) @2073   4 years forrest out fathomDone assert and fix debug compiler errors
(edit) @2072   4 years unxusr fix several memory leaks in fpump, some reported by coverity
(edit) @2071   4 years unxusr double free, as reported by coverity
(edit) @2070   4 years forrest allow sos in lp files and fix odd SOS branching
(edit) @2069   4 years forrest change to printing
(edit) @2058   4 years forrest fix bad status in printing
(edit) @2054   4 years mlubin Force C++ linking for C interface test
(edit) @2053   4 years mlubin update documentation for setInitialSolution
(edit) @2052   4 years mlubin another unit test for the C interface
(edit) @2051   4 years forrest fix stupid bug in orbital branching
(edit) @2050   4 years forrest fix error if orbital not activated and add example
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