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(edit) @1120   11 years forrest shouldn't have set eventhappened
(edit) @1118   11 years forrest minor changes
(edit) @1117   11 years forrest keep going if 200 passes or more
(edit) @1116   11 years forrest fix printing in fpump
(edit) @1115   11 years forrest fix feasibility pump accumulate
(edit) @1114   11 years forrest check allowable gap earlier
(edit) @1112   11 years forrest fix for local search
(edit) @1111   11 years forrest small correction
(edit) @1110   11 years jpfasano add v9 sln and vcproj files
(edit) @1107   11 years forrest problemName_ now std::string
(edit) @1105   11 years jpfasano added #include "OsiClpSolverInterface?.hpp" to avoid compile time …
(edit) @1104   11 years forrest fix warnings plus stupid max time error
(edit) @1103   11 years forrest compiler warnings
(edit) @1102   11 years forrest try and fix memory leak
(edit) @1101   11 years forrest activate set and resetModel
(edit) @1100   11 years forrest add in a few modifications and naive heuristic
(edit) @1096   11 years tkr Changing options in MSVC++ project files
(edit) @1093   11 years rlh Runs only when general integer variables exist. Fixed memory leakes
(edit) @1092   11 years rlh various changes, including making it only run once
(edit) @1091   11 years jpfasano Added CbcHeuristicPivotAndFix?.[cpp,hpp]and CbcHeuristicRandRound?.[cpp,hpp]
(edit) @1090   11 years lou Include OsiClpSolverInterface?.hpp so cbc-generic will compile.
(edit) @1089   11 years forrest out printf
(edit) @1088   11 years forrest changes for event handler and problems with few costs
(edit) @1087   11 years forrest try and make faster
(edit) @1086   11 years forrest fix for parallel
(edit) @1085   11 years forrest fix some heuristic stuff
(edit) @1081   11 years forrest for ratiogap
(edit) @1077   11 years ladanyi switch to using CoinDrand48() instead of rand()
(edit) @1072   11 years forrest add std::
(edit) @1071   11 years forrest fix CbcSolver?.cpp
(edit) @1069   11 years ladanyi changes from BSP + result of run_autotools
(edit) @1067   11 years ladanyi changed max/min to CoinMax/CoinMin?
(edit) @1065   11 years rlh adding guts of CbcHeuristicPivotFix?
(edit) @1064   11 years rlh adding the guts of the randomized rounding heuristic
(edit) @1062   11 years forrest fix bug in unitTest
(edit) @1061   11 years forrest out printf
(edit) @1059   11 years forrest out some printing
(edit) @1058   11 years forrest allow pivot and fix or randomized rounding
(edit) @1057   11 years rlh adding stub for heuristic
(edit) @1055   11 years forrest adding dummy heuristic
(edit) @1054   11 years forrest left in fatal debug in unitTestClp!
(edit) @1053   11 years forrest trying to make go faster
(edit) @1052   12 years forrest BSP changes from 1028 to 1049
(edit) @1040   12 years forrest more iterations at root
(edit) @1039   12 years forrest OA bug
(edit) @1038   12 years forrest fix bugs when Ipopt runs inside Cbc
(edit) @1020   12 years forrest tweaks to heuristics
(edit) @1019   12 years forrest left in a printf statement
(edit) @1018   12 years forrest fix bug when threaded
(edit) @1016   12 years forrest changes which should not change anything???
(edit) @1015   12 years forrest add ifdefs for future exploration
(edit) @1014   12 years forrest left in printing by mistake!
(edit) @1013   12 years forrest some changes e.g. DINS added and a bit of printing
(edit) @1011   12 years forrest allow more parallel cuts
(edit) @1009   12 years forrest fix bug in restart code
(edit) @1008   12 years forrest fix stupid mistake in priorityin
(edit) @1006   12 years forrest take out parallel cuts
(edit) @1003   12 years forrest for threads and hotstart
(edit) @1000   12 years forrest test if row number too large
(edit) @984   12 years jpfasano Added CbcHeuristicDiveLineSearch?.[cpp,hpp] and …
(edit) @983   12 years forrest random number generator to CbcModel? and allow cut pruning on size
(edit) @979   12 years forrest best obj fix
(edit) @964   12 years forrest valgrind error
(edit) @961   12 years forrest add multi heuristic
(edit) @958   12 years lou Bare INT_MAX fails under GCC 4.3. Change to COIN_INT_MAX.
(edit) @955   12 years forrest changes
(edit) @954   12 years forrest changes to try and improve code
(edit) @953   12 years forrest example of stored cuts
(edit) @952   12 years forrest for stored cuts
(edit) @948   12 years tkr Merging r947 into trunk
(edit) @945   12 years jpgoncal Added two new versions of diving heuristics.
(edit) @944   12 years jpgoncal Added reduced cost fixing.
(edit) @940   12 years forrest for my experiments
(edit) @939   12 years forrest exit a bit bit faster
(edit) @938   12 years forrest exit on cutoff a bit quicker
(edit) @937   12 years forrest allow user more control over when cut generators called
(edit) @936   12 years forrest maybe I was a bit too cavalier with numberStrong
(edit) @935   12 years forrest dd message to say unit test passed
(edit) @934   12 years forrest make behavior more consistent between parallel and non parallel
(edit) @933   12 years forrest out ;
(edit) @932   12 years forrest allow Compare
(edit) @931   12 years forrest changes to try and improve performance
(edit) @930   12 years forrest 2% to 5% as it is in code
(edit) @920   12 years jpgoncal Corrected termination criterion.
(edit) @918   12 years jpgoncal Fixed a bug related with generalized VUB.
(edit) @917   12 years jpgoncal Added version for fixing binary variables with generalized VUB constraints.
(edit) @916   12 years jpgoncal Added fixing of binary variables in variable upper bound constraints.
(edit) @915   12 years ladanyi Fix the branch chain distance calculation so that other codes (bonmin, …
(edit) @914   12 years ladanyi result of run_autotools
(edit) @913   12 years ladanyi files added to the vcproj files
(edit) @912   12 years ladanyi Incorporated changes from branches/heur
(edit) @904   12 years ladanyi include cstdlib before cmath to get things to compile on AIX with xlC
(edit) @903   12 years forrest exit faster if no columns and mods for threads
(edit) @902   12 years jpgoncal The order of the diving heuristics is now correct.
(edit) @899   12 years forrest fix bugs pointed out by Francois
(edit) @892   12 years lou Add include guard to CbcConfig?.h.
(edit) @888   12 years forrest add runtime options to csv
(edit) @887   12 years forrest change assert to test
(edit) @882   12 years forrest forgot nonthreaded stats
(edit) @881   12 years forrest try and get statistics working with osi objects
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