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(edit) @2025   8 years forrest cosmetic change for status printing
(edit) @2022   8 years forrest fix bug with cbc threads
(edit) @2021   8 years mlubin Improved documentation. Tests for callbacks and row/column names. More …
(edit) @2020   8 years mlubin Allow passing arbitrary command-line parameters using the C interface
(edit) @2019   8 years mlubin Major cleaning of C interface, more to come
(edit) @2018   8 years forrest fix segfault if infeasible
(edit) @2016   8 years mlubin More C interface work. Move C interface to libCbcSolver so that we can …
(edit) @2014   8 years forrest fix infeas status
(edit) @2013   8 years forrest mods for mipstart
(edit) @2010   8 years mlubin Include CInterfaceTest in build script
(edit) @2009   8 years mlubin new unit test for Cbc C interface (not yet built)
(edit) @2003   8 years forrest change from stable 2002
(edit) @2000   8 years tkr Fixing error in
(edit) @1998   8 years forrest for threadsafe
(edit) @1991   8 years tkr Re-running the autotools
(edit) @1990   8 years tkr Putting CbcSolver? into cbc_addlibs.txt when plg-config is not present
(edit) @1989   8 years tkr Adding project files for building a project linked to installed libraries
(edit) @1988   8 years tkr Re-running auto tools stable/0.7
(edit) @1987   8 years forrest for compiler
(edit) @1984   8 years tkr Unit test should not fail because miplib cannot be found
(edit) @1979   8 years stefan conditional addition of dependent libraries into project libs via …
(edit) @1974   8 years tkr Change doxygen.conf to generate latex
(edit) @1971   8 years stefan commit pietros suggestions to handle derived CbcModel? classes in …
(edit) @1967   8 years tkr Re-running the autotools
(edit) @1960   8 years stefan run autotools with BuildTools?/stable/0.7
(edit) @1958   8 years tkr Re-running autotools
(edit) @1957   8 years forrest minor fixes and take out printout
(edit) @1956   8 years forrest correct some printing and allow RINS to start more easily in mini B&B
(edit) @1955   8 years forrest add more twiddles for advanced use of heuristics
(edit) @1954   8 years forrest new event plus flexible output format
(edit) @1953   8 years forrest yet more changes
(edit) @1952   8 years tkr Adding log level check before printing message
(edit) @1951   8 years forrest changes to fix bug on max nodes
(edit) @1949   8 years forrest try and fix thread problem and fix nextbestsolution counter
(edit) @1948   8 years forrest yet more changes for dubious idea
(edit) @1947   8 years forrest add multiple solution example
(edit) @1946   8 years forrest modifications to heuristic
(edit) @1945   8 years forrest adding a dubious heuristic
(edit) @1944   8 years forrest ouch - finger trouble
(edit) @1943   8 years forrest more options, copy statistics structure analysis start coding of …
(edit) @1939   9 years stefan merge r1938 from stable/2.8
(edit) @1937   9 years unxusr use mipstart from cbcmodel if available
(edit) @1935   9 years tkr Updates to allow installig of manifest (sorry for the multiple commits)
(edit) @1934   9 years tkr Changes for embedding manifest
(edit) @1933   9 years tkr Change to allow embedding of manifest
(edit) @1928   9 years stefan update changelog for next release
(edit) @1927   9 years unxusr so that MIPstart can be informed programmatically (start of changes)
(edit) @1925   9 years stefan fix recognition of Glpk source in configure
(edit) @1924   9 years forrest add eventhandling if continuous solution
(edit) @1923   9 years forrest fix divepseudo when when -999
(edit) @1921   9 years tkr Small bug fix and update to AMPL driver version number
(edit) @1915   9 years tkr Cleaner way of controlling output
(edit) @1914   9 years tkr Updating paths for all configurations
(edit) @1913   9 years tkr Adding paths to libCbc
(edit) @1911   9 years stefan disable debug printf
(edit) @1909   9 years tkr Only print message about integer incremenet if log level is set high enough
(edit) @1907   9 years forrest fix to allow .lp from stdin
(edit) @1906   9 years forrest minor change to correct switching back on of a cut generator
(edit) @1901   9 years forrest fix stupid error on resetModel
(edit) @1900   9 years forrest fix some examples and a bug on repeated use of same CbcModel?
(edit) @1899   9 years stefan fixup svn properties
(edit) @1898   9 years stefan fixup examples
(edit) @1897   9 years Gassmann Update support for 64-bit OS
(edit) @1896   9 years Gassmann Changes to msvs v9 build
(edit) @1895   9 years tkr Update
(edit) @1894   9 years tkr deleting superfluous files
(edit) @1893   9 years forrest may help segfault in non-deterministic parallel cbc
(edit) @1892   9 years stefan extend changelog w.r.t. -slowcutpasses and -constraintFromCutoff
(edit) @1891   9 years tkr Fixing bug in Windows
(edit) @1890   9 years tkr Updates to MSVC++ v10 files
(edit) @1889   9 years stefan for users that have a Cbc with Clp, but do not have COIN_HAS_CLP …
(edit) @1887   9 years stefan for change in Cgl api
(edit) @1886   9 years stefan fix compiler (gcc 4.6.2) warnings in optimized mode, mainly about …
(edit) @1885   9 years stefan fix bug that was even pointed out by compiler warnings
(edit) @1884   9 years stefan update changelog according to john's mail from 19th of March (cbc …
(edit) @1882   9 years forrest to allow compilation with Couenne
(edit) @1881   9 years forrest fix infeasible message when unbounded
(edit) @1880   9 years forrest make it easier to use slow exotic cuts more on cutoff as constraint …
(edit) @1877   9 years forrest fix bug in parallel
(edit) @1876   9 years forrest changes for cuts and extra variables
(edit) @1871   9 years forrest fix for mini b&b success
(edit) @1869   9 years stefan another patch for correct version reporting in Cbc/ampl (by V. Zverovich)
(edit) @1868   9 years stefan print correct version number in ampl interface (found by V. Zverovich)
(edit) @1867   9 years forrest left in printf by mistake
(edit) @1866   9 years forrest add example using interrupts
(edit) @1864   9 years forrest cuts off when user asks for them to be switched off
(edit) @1863   9 years tkr Updates to Visual Studio files
(edit) @1862   9 years tkr Updates to Visual Studio files
(edit) @1860   9 years stefan undo r1858 and r1859
(edit) @1859   9 years stefan remove MSVS v9alt and v10alt
(edit) @1857   9 years stefan restoring Cbc/trunk
(edit) @1855   9 years stefan temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1854   9 years stefan fix svn keywords property
(edit) @1853   9 years forrest update README
(edit) @1852   9 years forrest minor change to improve MIR
(edit) @1850   9 years stefan add ZeroHalf? cuts reference
(edit) @1849   9 years stefan tell user not to expect much from osicbc
(edit) @1848   9 years stefan add zero half cuts announcements to release notes (for upcoming 2.8)
(edit) @1847   9 years stefan remove ifdef ZERO_HALF_CUTS; some tabs to spaces
(edit) @1845   9 years stefan remove duplicate function declaration
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