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(edit) @2495   5 months unxusr time limit in C interface
(edit) @2494   5 months unxusr more functions to Cbc_C_interface
(edit) @2493   5 months forrest should be optionAsInteger not intValue
(edit) @2492   5 months forrest don't allow restart if off objects
(edit) @2491   5 months forrest better SOS in mipstart, ctrl-c back, improve symmetric
(edit) @2490   5 months unxusr duplicate initializer
(edit) @2489   5 months unxusr for windows build
(edit) @2488   5 months unxusr initializations in CbcParam? and more getters and setters in Cbc_C_Interface
(edit) @2487   5 months unxusr code completion config for vim
(edit) @2486   5 months unxusr removing stupid memory leak, thanks Forrest !
(edit) @2485   5 months unxusr make sure to initialize some vars
(edit) @2484   5 months unxusr dummy callback not necessary anymore
(edit) @2480   5 months unxusr for building with ASL
(edit) @2479   6 months unxusr simplify handling of parameters and remove staticParameterData which …
(edit) @2478   6 months unxusr Cbc_C_interface details
(edit) @2477   6 months unxusr keeping names in preprocess
(edit) @2476   6 months unxusr keeping names in preprocess
(edit) @2475   6 months forrest clean up very odd SOS
(edit) @2473   6 months unxusr initial (beta) support for cut callbacks in the CBC C API
(edit) @2472   6 months unxusr flush buffer before modifications
(edit) @2471   6 months unxusr speeding up repeated calls to Cbc_addCol in the C interface by …
(edit) @2469   7 months unxusr formatting
(edit) @2467   7 months unxusr spaces after angles
(edit) @2465   7 months unxusr script to format sources
(edit) @2464   7 months unxusr .clang-format with proposal for formatting code
(edit) @2463   7 months unxusr MIPStart with indexes
(edit) @2462   7 months unxusr MIPStart in C API
(edit) @2461   7 months unxusr doc for C interface
(edit) @2460   7 months unxusr access to the solution pool obj
(edit) @2459   7 months unxusr access to the solution pool
(edit) @2458   7 months unxusr get reduced cost in C api and more doxygen doc
(edit) @2457   7 months unxusr updated doxygen documentation for C api
(edit) @2456   7 months unxusr fix for name in addRow
(edit) @2455   7 months forrest Allow guessed parameters
(edit) @2454   7 months forrest allow compressed .lp files
(edit) @2453   7 months unxusr query matrix by column in C interface
(edit) @2434   8 months forrest for debug
(edit) @2433   8 months unxusr querying rows in the C Interface
(edit) @2432   8 months unxusr sense in Cbc_C_interface
(edit) @2431   8 months unxusr getObjValue
(edit) @2430   8 months unxusr writeLp in Cbc_C_interface
(edit) @2429   8 months unxusr writeLp in Cbc_C_interface
(edit) @2428   8 months unxusr more functions in Cbc_C_interface and possibility to solve (or …
(edit) @2427   8 months unxusr complete addCol
(edit) @2425   8 months unxusr bool is not a C type
(edit) @2424   8 months unxusr more functions to the C API
(edit) @2422   8 months forrest stuff that should be protected not private
(edit) @2421   8 months forrest I am a stupid idiot id_ was in so don't need setNumber_
(edit) @2420   8 months forrest try and fix problem with tiny values
(edit) @2419   8 months forrest more string parameters and some sos priorities
(edit) @2418   8 months forrest make -preprocess save give correct column names
(edit) @2416   8 months forrest for hot start solution
(edit) @2415   8 months forrest fixing stupid %1 mistake
(edit) @2413   9 months forrest hotstart on mipstart option
(edit) @2404   9 months forrest try and improve nauty
(edit) @2402   9 months unxusr include needed on some gcc versions
(edit) @2401   9 months unxusr include needed on some gcc versions
(edit) @2397   9 months unxusr option to store names in preprocessed problem
(edit) @2392   9 months lou Add a check for Mumps to so that COIN_HAS_MUMPS is …
(edit) @2388   10 months forrest fixes for odd SOS
(edit) @2387   10 months forrest improve mipstart for SOS
(edit) @2386   10 months forrest fix bug after mipstart
(edit) @2385   10 months forrest mip start sos
(edit) @2382   11 months forrest coding for getting postprocessed model
(edit) @2381   11 months unxusr inform remaining time to cglpreprocess
(edit) @2380   11 months forrest add another eventhandler for solution
(edit) @2379   11 months unxusr since initialSolve can consume the whole time limit on large …
(edit) @2378   11 months unxusr additional checks for vector
(edit) @2373   14 months forrest allow cleaning of small sos variables
(edit) @2372   15 months forrest find s1 integers
(edit) @2371   16 months forrest finger trouble - out new multiple
(edit) @2370   16 months forrest changes for rays
(edit) @2367   17 months forrest take out assert
(edit) @2366   17 months forrest clean up when second check shows infeasible
(edit) @2365   17 months forrest fix memory leaks with sos and improve checkSolution
(edit) @2364   17 months forrest should not be tolerance in SOS
(edit) @2363   17 months forrest add readLp to C interface
(edit) @2362   18 months forrest put back switch off mini bab whenparallel
(edit) @2359   18 months forrest Lower/Upper? on maximization
(edit) @2358   18 months forrest changes for SOS
(edit) @2357   18 months forrest changes for SC
(edit) @2355   19 months forrest opt out of small B&B quickly
(edit) @2354   19 months forrest try and allow SOS in mini BAB
(edit) @2352   19 months forrest fix for infeasible at root
(edit) @2349   20 months forrest put back tolerance a bit earlier and fix minor bug in mipstart
(edit) @2347   21 months forrest get rid of divide by zero (and too much printing)
(edit) @2345   22 months forrest ampl with COIN_BIG_INDEX
(edit) @2344   22 months forrest change int to CoinBigIndex?
(edit) @2342   2 years forrest to unsigned
(edit) @2341   2 years forrest more information into CglTreeInfo? info
(edit) @2340   2 years forrest set info in CglTreeInfo?
(edit) @2339   2 years forrest to unsigned
(edit) @2333   2 years stefan further fix for SOS2 by JJF - some updates of SOS2 info in presolve …
(edit) @2332   2 years forrest fix SOS2
(edit) @2331   2 years unxusr overloaded method to enter mipstart
(edit) @2328   2 years forrest can't see why this bit of code needed
(edit) @2323   3 years forrest change assert to <=
(edit) @2314   3 years forrest mainly stuff for mipstart
(edit) @2313   3 years forrest memory leaks
(edit) @2311   3 years stefan cplex 12.7 has finally dropped CPXcopymipstart
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