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(edit) @2495   5 months unxusr time limit in C interface
(edit) @2494   5 months unxusr more functions to Cbc_C_interface
(edit) @2489   5 months unxusr for windows build
(edit) @2488   5 months unxusr initializations in CbcParam? and more getters and setters in Cbc_C_Interface
(edit) @2486   5 months unxusr removing stupid memory leak, thanks Forrest !
(edit) @2485   5 months unxusr make sure to initialize some vars
(edit) @2479   5 months unxusr simplify handling of parameters and remove staticParameterData which …
(edit) @2478   6 months unxusr Cbc_C_interface details
(edit) @2476   6 months unxusr keeping names in preprocess
(edit) @2473   6 months unxusr initial (beta) support for cut callbacks in the CBC C API
(edit) @2472   6 months unxusr flush buffer before modifications
(edit) @2471   6 months unxusr speeding up repeated calls to Cbc_addCol in the C interface by …
(edit) @2467   7 months unxusr spaces after angles
(edit) @2465   7 months unxusr script to format sources
(edit) @2464   7 months unxusr .clang-format with proposal for formatting code
(edit) @2463   7 months unxusr MIPStart with indexes
(edit) @2462   7 months unxusr MIPStart in C API
(edit) @2460   7 months unxusr access to the solution pool obj
(edit) @2459   7 months unxusr access to the solution pool
(edit) @2458   7 months unxusr get reduced cost in C api and more doxygen doc
(edit) @2456   7 months unxusr fix for name in addRow
(edit) @2453   7 months unxusr query matrix by column in C interface
(edit) @2433   8 months unxusr querying rows in the C Interface
(edit) @2432   8 months unxusr sense in Cbc_C_interface
(edit) @2431   8 months unxusr getObjValue
(edit) @2430   8 months unxusr writeLp in Cbc_C_interface
(edit) @2429   8 months unxusr writeLp in Cbc_C_interface
(edit) @2428   8 months unxusr more functions in Cbc_C_interface and possibility to solve (or …
(edit) @2427   8 months unxusr complete addCol
(edit) @2425   8 months unxusr bool is not a C type
(edit) @2424   8 months unxusr more functions to the C API
(edit) @2363   17 months forrest add readLp to C interface
(edit) @2039   5 years mlubin reenable SOS code
(edit) @2038   5 years mlubin improve return types of Cbc_setInteger and Cbc_setContinuous
(edit) @2037   5 years mlubin Remove nonworking problem modification functions. Update docs.
(edit) @2036   5 years mlubin Disable non-working SOS constraints Add non-working attempt at problem …
(edit) @2033   5 years mlubin SOS updates and test (not yet working)
(edit) @2032   5 years mlubin Implement Cbc_setInitialSolution for providing a feasible solution.
(edit) @2026   5 years mlubin remove some unimplemented functions from C interface
(edit) @2021   5 years mlubin Improved documentation. Tests for callbacks and row/column names. More …
(edit) @2020   5 years mlubin Allow passing arbitrary command-line parameters using the C interface
(edit) @2019   5 years mlubin Major cleaning of C interface, more to come
(edit) @2016   5 years mlubin More C interface work. Move C interface to libCbcSolver so that we can …
(edit) @1898   6 years stefan fixup examples
(edit) @1886   6 years stefan fix compiler (gcc 4.6.2) warnings in optimized mode, mainly about …
(edit) @1573   9 years lou Change to EPL license notice.
(edit) @1432   9 years bjarni Added extra return at end of each source file where needed, to remove …
(copy) @1422   9 years tkr Moving branches/sandbox/ to trunk/
copied from branches/sandbox/Cbc/src/Cbc_C_Interface.cpp:
(edit) @1336   10 years bjarni Changed strdup to CoinStrdup? to avoid POSIX name deprecated warnings …
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