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(edit) @2248   4 years forrest fix when infeasible
(edit) @2245   4 years unxusr fix buffer overflow
(edit) @2237   4 years unxusr store originalColumns info in CbcModel? after preprocess
(edit) @2234   4 years forrest fix null problem bug
(edit) @2220   4 years forrest fix if bestSolution exists - no duplicate integers
(edit) @2215   4 years unxusr proper translation of mipstart variables to preprocessed model and use …
(edit) @2211   4 years unxusr zero half cuts default parameter promoted from off to ifmove
(edit) @2210   4 years forrest fix hotstart
(edit) @2203   4 years forrest Positive Edge in Cbc
(edit) @2163   5 years unxusr fix MIPStart when preprocessed model is empty
(edit) @2152   5 years forrest fix priorityin file
(edit) @2144   5 years forrest fix blank typo
(edit) @2137   5 years unxusr MIPStart fixes
(edit) @2108   5 years forrest out openblas serialization
(edit) @2107   5 years forrest somehow blas can go paralllel - I think this fixes
(edit) @2106   5 years forrest take out xxx ? 0 : 0
(edit) @2105   5 years forrest mostly reporting options plus a few tweaks
(edit) @2094   5 years forrest for memory leaks and heuristics and some experimental stuff
(edit) @2093   5 years forrest changes for diving heuristic
(edit) @2092   5 years forrest symmetry and diving
(edit) @2086   5 years forrest fix sign in ampl
(edit) @2074   5 years forrest make zerohalf work with threads
(edit) @2070   5 years forrest allow sos in lp files and fix odd SOS branching
(edit) @2069   5 years forrest change to printing
(edit) @2058   5 years forrest fix bad status in printing
(edit) @2050   5 years forrest fix error if orbital not activated and add example
(edit) @2048   5 years forrest First try at orbital branching
(edit) @2043   5 years forrest minor changes for SOS etc
(edit) @2041   5 years forrest minor changes to improve SOS and lotsize detection
(edit) @2040   5 years forrest fixes for odd SOS
(edit) @2030   6 years forrest fix some ampl problems
(edit) @2018   6 years forrest fix segfault if infeasible
(edit) @2013   6 years forrest mods for mipstart
(edit) @1998   6 years forrest for threadsafe
(edit) @1954   6 years forrest new event plus flexible output format
(edit) @1945   6 years forrest adding a dubious heuristic
(edit) @1943   6 years forrest more options, copy statistics structure analysis start coding of …
(edit) @1937   6 years unxusr use mipstart from cbcmodel if available
(edit) @1907   7 years forrest fix to allow .lp from stdin
(edit) @1899   7 years stefan fixup svn properties
(edit) @1886   7 years stefan fix compiler (gcc 4.6.2) warnings in optimized mode, mainly about …
(edit) @1880   7 years forrest make it easier to use slow exotic cuts more on cutoff as constraint …
(edit) @1876   7 years forrest changes for cuts and extra variables
(edit) @1864   7 years forrest cuts off when user asks for them to be switched off
(edit) @1854   7 years stefan fix svn keywords property
(edit) @1852   7 years forrest minor change to improve MIR
(edit) @1847   7 years stefan remove ifdef ZERO_HALF_CUTS; some tabs to spaces
(edit) @1839   7 years forrest multiple root solvers, stronger strong branching and cutoff as constraint
(edit) @1832   7 years stefan merge r1831 from trunk
(edit) @1826   7 years stefan remove ifdef for KEEP_POSTPROCESS, its always on in Cgl trunk and 0.58
(edit) @1819   7 years stefan merge r1818 from stable/2.8
(edit) @1813   7 years forrest add random seed setting
(edit) @1791   7 years stefan merge r1790 from stable/2.7 (correct message if iterlim reached) and …
(edit) @1780   7 years forrest to print out saying optimal in more cases
(edit) @1778   7 years forrest change ctrl-c actions
(edit) @1770   8 years forrest New mipstart provided by Haroldo Santos
(edit) @1769   8 years forrest changes to allow multiple solutions in standalone executable
(edit) @1750   8 years tkr Attempt to fix AMPL interface
(edit) @1735   8 years stefan merge chgset 1734 from stable/2.7: modify CBC_QUIET
(edit) @1705   8 years forrest allow names for gmpl
(edit) @1695   8 years forrest no preprocessing if odd variables
(edit) @1656   8 years forrest allow end cuts and lagomory
(edit) @1650   8 years forrest messages for fathoming plus soem attempts at robustness
(edit) @1644   8 years stefan fix compiler warnings
(edit) @1642   8 years forrest allow for killing small elements in raedLp
(edit) @1639   9 years forrest fix AddIntegers? bug (and while I am at it - correct maximize printing)
(edit) @1638   9 years forrest get rid of memory leak
(edit) @1626   9 years forrest correct timings printed
(edit) @1625   9 years tkr Small fix to reporting of time
(edit) @1623   9 years forrest allow for elapsed time on unix
(edit) @1622   9 years lou Clean up CbcClpUnitTest?. Easy activation for row cut debugger. …
(edit) @1621   9 years tkr Changing from CPU time limit to wallclock time limit for parallelism
(edit) @1608   9 years forrest allow for problems with large integers
(edit) @1607   9 years lou Make logLevel command work again. New build system does not define …
(edit) @1595   9 years forrest allow absolute paths in gmpl files
(edit) @1594   9 years forrest make compile without glpk
(edit) @1593   9 years forrest allow glpk solution file
(edit) @1592   9 years forrest allow taking out signal
(edit) @1591   9 years forrest modifications to heuristics and allow missing out some printout
(edit) @1585   9 years forrest add some more heuristics
(edit) @1573   9 years lou Change to EPL license notice.
(edit) @1558   9 years tkr Changing output a bit more
(edit) @1557   9 years tkr Changing precision of solution value
(edit) @1556   9 years tkr Minor change to output
(edit) @1552   9 years forrest add first attempt at parametrics
(edit) @1539   9 years tkr Changing output to make it easier to parse for MIPLIB 2010 scripts
(edit) @1508   9 years tkr Fixing small bug related to CPLEX
(edit) @1499   9 years forrest a few more rens heuristics
(edit) @1482   9 years forrest crude fix for CglPreProcess?
(edit) @1462   9 years tkr Changing externals
(edit) @1456   9 years lou Change CBCVERSION to CBC_VERSION for compatibility. Update externals …
(edit) @1433   10 years tkr Changing version string to 2.5devel
(edit) @1432   10 years bjarni Added extra return at end of each source file where needed, to remove …
(copy) @1422   10 years tkr Moving branches/sandbox/ to trunk/
copied from branches/sandbox/Cbc/src/CbcSolver.cpp:
(edit) @1412   10 years forrest try and modularize threads
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