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(edit) @1998   5 years forrest for threadsafe
(edit) @1947   5 years forrest add multiple solution example
(edit) @1900   6 years forrest fix some examples and a bug on repeated use of same CbcModel?
(edit) @1899   6 years stefan fixup svn properties
(edit) @1898   6 years stefan fixup examples
(edit) @1891   6 years tkr Fixing bug in Windows
(edit) @1866   6 years forrest add example using interrupts
(edit) @1854   6 years stefan fix svn keywords property
(edit) @1793   6 years stefan remove include of missing file
(edit) @1670   7 years stefan fix examples Makefile for mingw/cl/no-pkgconfig
(edit) @1660   8 years stefan change to new way of using and installing configuration header files
(edit) @1606   8 years forrest CbcCompareBase? changed - take out CbcCompareUser?
(edit) @1591   8 years forrest modifications to heuristics and allow missing out some printout
(edit) @1574   8 years lou Change to EPL license notice.
(edit) @1565   8 years mjs Relicense under the Eclipse Public License.
(edit) @1549   8 years lou Make Visual Studio v9 build work again.
(edit) @1546   8 years stefan update examples Makefile for cygwin/cl/no-pkgconfig
(edit) @1541   8 years stefan use new fallback variables to setup addlibs file in fallback mode; use …
(edit) @1520   8 years lou Try again to get linker flags correct.
(edit) @1519   8 years lou Track modifications to CbcCompareBase::newSolution and fix …
(edit) @1501   8 years stefan change from COIN_HAS_MODULE to COIN_HAS_PACKAGE
(edit) @1470   8 years stefan make sure installation directory is checked first for header files
(edit) @1469   8 years stefan fix copy-and-paste error
(edit) @1468   8 years stefan do not require CbcConfig?.h in example to decide whether sample or …
(edit) @1464   9 years stefan merge split branch into trunk; fix some examples
(copy) @1422   9 years tkr Moving branches/sandbox/ to trunk/
copied from branches/sandbox/Cbc/examples:
(edit) @1335   9 years bjarni Check CoinFindSeparator? and set Windows directory to …
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