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(edit) @1777   8 years tkr Updating MSVC++ files
(edit) @1776   8 years tkr Changing to platform toolset v10
(edit) @1775   8 years tkr Adding support for proprty sheets
(edit) @1774   8 years Gassmann Added CbcMipStartIO.cpp to libCbc.vcxproj (v10 only)
(edit) @1755   8 years bjarni Adding CBC_BUILD to ProcessorDefinitions? for x64 projects in …
(edit) @1753   8 years tkr Updating MSVC++ v9 files
(edit) @1741   8 years stefan remove no longer maintained and outdated v7/v8
(edit) @1738   8 years Gassmann Change MSVS 10 build directory structure to harmonize with other projects
(edit) @1710   8 years stefan merge chgset 1709 from stable/2.7
(edit) @1697   8 years tkr More fixes to MSVisualStudio files
(edit) @1685   8 years tkr Updating MSVC++ files
(edit) @1674   8 years stefan merge chgset 1588 from stable/2.7; back to all-stables in externals; …
(edit) @1651   9 years Gassmann Changes to MSVS v9 .vcproj files
(edit) @1636   9 years lou Turn off CLR support in libCbcSolver, libOsiCbc. Oversight, should not …
(edit) @1614   9 years lou Classic solution for VS2010. Change to trunk dependencies.
(edit) @1612   9 years lou Start of VS2010 solutions.
(edit) @1603   9 years lou Make genDefForCbc.ps1 a member of libCbc project.
(edit) @1599   9 years lou Tweak VS project files for deletion of CbcChooseVariable?.hpp.
(edit) @1597   9 years lou DLL builds won't work very well without the script to generate the …
(edit) @1596   9 years lou Add DLL builds to Cbc.
(edit) @1584   9 years forrest change code so sample2 can be replaced by driver4 if user wants and …
(edit) @1550   9 years lou Try to straighten out rename of cbcSolve to cbc.
(edit) @1549   9 years lou Make Visual Studio v9 build work again.
(edit) @1504   9 years lou Fix a few mismatches in build configurations.
(edit) @1503   9 years lou Add project files for libOsiCbc, OsiCbcUnitTest? to v9alt.
(edit) @1502   9 years lou First cut at alternate build strategy for Coin with Visual Studio.
(edit) @1435   10 years bjarni Remove CbcGeneric? project from v8/Cbc.sln
(edit) @1434   10 years bjarni Update v8/libCbc/libCbc.vcproj to include CglResidualCapacity? and …
(copy) @1422   10 years tkr Moving branches/sandbox/ to trunk/
copied from branches/sandbox/Cbc/MSVisualStudio:
(edit) @1405   10 years bjarni Added CbcThread?.cpp to libCbc.vcproj for Visual Studio 2008 (v9) to …
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